LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s last matchup

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s last matchup

Believe it or not be the famous 2003 draft generation is coming to an end. Out of the top players from that draft, both Bosh and Carmelo are currently out of the league even though Carmelo is still fighting to keep his NBA dreams alive.

Wade said this will be his last season and even though he is producing solid numbers for the Miami Heat this year. LeBron James is still one of the best players in the NBA and you might even think he found the fountain of youth based on the impressive season he is having so far.

Tonight the Los Angeles Lakers will host the Miami Heat and it might be the last time we see LeBron James and Dwyane Wade together on the same floor. After winning a couple of championships together which cemented their legacy in NBA history, they parted ways because of LeBron’s pursuit to win a title with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“It’s bitter, and it’s sweet. “It’s sweet and sour. The sweet part about it is I’ve always loved being on the same floor with my brother. We struck up a relationship together at the combine in 2003, and it started from there. And the sour part about it is that this is our last time sharing the same court.”

LeBron’s and Wade’s chemistry was in full display during their time with the Miami Heat when they created a powerhouse on the east that reached 4 NBA finals. The amount of respect LeBron has for Wade is unparalleled.

“Sometimes it’s just chemistry. Sometimes you can’t even explain it. And I bonded with Carmelo [Anthony] when I was in the 10th grade. I bonded with CP3 [Chris Paul] when I was in the 12th, and I bonded with D-Wade when we were both coming into the combine. Some things you just can’t explain, and that’s why we have our brotherhood. D-Wade has definitely had a helluva career, obviously. A first-ballot Hall of Famer, a three-time champion and so on and so on. I mean, it speaks for itself. But what he’s done for that franchise and what he’s done for that community since he’s been drafted has been a pretty good story.”

Wade is excited about playing the Los Angeles Lakers one last time at the Staples Center.

“It’s always a different feeling when you’re playing the Lakers. It looks different. It’s dark in the crowd. The energy is different. I’m always excited to play the Lakers. It’s gonna be a little extra special. I’m not gonna tell you it’s another one of 82. Not for me.”

After connecting early in their careers Wade found he has a lot of things in common with a kid from Akron, Ohio and during the years the relationship evolved in a true friendship

“When you’re young and coming into the league, you find guys you have something in common with, then you continue to link and that’s what we did. It’s organic how we built this friendship.”

I’m positive both Wade and LeBron will put on a show tonight for every NBA fan out there but tonight’s game will also mark an end of a generation in one way.