LeBron is serious about playing with Bronny “With health and a little bit of luck, that would be the ultimate thing.”

LeBron is serious about playing with Bronny “With health and a little bit of luck, that would be the ultimate thing.”

You’ll never see LeBron James throw a half-court heave at halftime because the King did the math and didn’t like the numbers. Over a long career like his, that could impact his overall FG%, and when chasing Michael Jordan, every data point matters. In almost every area you want to compare them in, MJ and LeBron have a case to be made. But there’s one area LeBron is already obviously better, and it’s the one that he knows may swing the argument in his favor – longevity.

Bron & Bronny

Almost all the points in LeBron’s favor will start with “total” – total minutes played, total number of points, total number of assists, total Finals appearances, etc. James’ unbelievable longevity will be his calling card and path to GOAT status.

The King of PR, James also understands a lot of this is about narrative, and what would be a better pinnacle of his longevity narrative but to play on the same team as his son. As Bronny James continues to grow as a basketball player, and his dad’s still playing at a high level, the idea of them playing on the same team is looking more realistic by the day. It’s very rare for LeBron to address something like this without any caveats, and that tells us this is a serious goal for James.

LeBron previously opened up about calling his son Bronny being one of his biggest mistakes in life. MJ’s sons can tell you a thing or two about the pressure of being kids of someone so successful. Giving your son your own name just added fuel to the fire. That’s why LeBron has been very reserved about this topic in the past.

He’s a dad first, and the most important thing was to let his kids find their own path in life. But as the reality of Bronny being a good player is becoming more apparent, and it seems he’s not just doing it because we all expect LeBron’s son to play ball, James allowed himself to daydream just a little bit.

It’s not just the historic achievement that’s fascinating. Every parent’s dream is to see their kid succeed and achieve something special. Making the NBA definitely is such a moment. But being there with them on the court? It’s insane LeBron the dad might get that with Bronny.

Father Time

Ok, so I mentioned LeBron’s been evading father time as good as anyone at his level in history of the NBA (and possibly sports altogether). But the last few years are the first period where James has been injured more than in his entire career. LeBron hasn’t played four consecutive games this season – for the first time, we have proof he’s human. So how’s LeBron doing physically?

“I feel decent physically. I’m still getting back to where I was before the (initial abdominal strain).”

LeBron James

It started with a pulled groin, and now he’s been nursing an abdominal strain. Soft tissue injuries signal fatigue and a need to rest. That would mean that even though James invests millions into his body and is very disciplined about his lifestyle, he can’t recover as well and as quickly as he did for almost 17 years.

If he is serious about playing with Bronny, we’ll see a lot more DNPs on his log than before. You can’t escape Father Time, only postpone his visit.