LeBron having fun with the Clippers loss

LeBron having fun with the Clippers loss

LeBron was listening when the Clippers were picked as the favorites to win it all. When many said Kawhi is the best player in the NBA after winning the title with the Raptors. He listened, and he waited. But, the opportunity to meet the Clippers in the Western Finals never arrived.

Like everyone else, the Lakers expected the Clippers to meet them in the Finals. LeBron and the rest of the team watched every game of the Nuggets – Clippers series. When the Clippers went up 3-1 and were up 17 in the third quarter of Game 5, the Lakers were already gearing up to meet them. Even when the Nuggets pulled that game out, but Lebron was still convinced he’d get Kawhi and PG in the West Finals. 

The Nuggets earned a lot of respect camping back to earn Game 7 after they turned around being down 3-1 against the Jazz in the previous series! Still, everyone including James and the Lakers were getting ready to play the Clippers. They were watching the game and couldn’t believe their eyes. 

LeBron mentioned “all the shit talking they were doing all year” several times and then excluded Kawhi, Paul George, and Montrezl Harrell. The guys immediately called him on excluding Trez, who’s now with the Lakers, but we all know this was mostly pointed at Patrick Beverly. (I’d add Paul George has most to prove after talking a lot and not delivering, especially his status and role on the team)

After burning the Clips in the first part of the interview about getting Harrell, LeBron poured some more salt on the wound with this comment. We won’t have to wait long to see how the Clippers respond. Opening night, December 22nd, 10 pm ET, Lakers – Clippers.