LeBron fires back after getting disrespected by NBA Scouts and Executives

LeBron fires back after getting disrespected by NBA Scouts and Executives

LeBron James has been widely considered the best player in the NBA for quite a while, and as much as his longevity is impressive, LeBron isn’t getting any younger. “The King” is turning 37 later this year, and Father Time is slowly catching up to him, as one of the most durable athletes ever has started to show signs of being human. It is the natural and normal cycle in a life of an NBA player, but with that said, we are seeing other names come up in the mix, trying to take the crown of the best player in the NBA.

This year, Giannis has made a good case for himself, winning the championship and Finals MVP in dominating fashion. At the same time, Kevin Durant, who was always considered as that #2 guy behind LeBron, showed in his playoff run maybe it’s finally his time to take the crown. Well, it seems NBA scouts and executives think it’s time for a change, as a poll for the best player in the NBA came out, showing some surprising results.

Tim Bontemps from ESPN released the results from his poll regarding various questions about the NBA world answered by 10 scouts and executives. We got some interesting results, but the most talked-about topic has been the race for the best player in the NBA for the upcoming season. In a pool with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James, we got a tie for the first place. Surprisingly Giannis and KD received 5 votes each, while LeBron got the short end of the stick with 0 votes.

It’s wild to see the face of the NBA for the past 10-15 years receive 0 votes in a category he owned for so long. The results would resonate in the NBA world, as fans reacted to this in different ways. LeBron fans were disgusted to hear this news while his haters had a field day. But of course, “The King” himself had to step in and respond, sharing his thoughts on the poll via his Twitter.

LeBron may be getting up there in age, but his confidence isn’t dying down, as “The King” feels he is still the best player in the world. After a disappointing early playoff exit last year, LeBron is looking for revenge with a vengeance with his newest super-team. As if he wasn’t motivated enough, these results will fuel him even more, to come back next season and prove his doubters wrong.

We had heard this kind of talk from LeBron before. At times he would make good on his promise/threat, while sometimes he only hyped himself up to make no difference, like two seasons ago when the Lakers missed the playoffs. One thing is for sure. It will be fun to watch LeBron and the Lakers next season, as LeBron will try to prove he is still the guy no matter how good Giannis and KD are. As much as he’s won, James is still trying to win more rings to add to his legacy and case against Michael Jordan. We love the competitiveness, as we are here for all of it.