LeBron compares Luka Doncic playing style to Magic Johnson

LeBron compares Luka Doncic playing style to Magic Johnson

LeBron James is one of the biggest fans of Luka Doncic, and there were several occasions in which he mentioned he enjoys watching the Slovenian Wunderkind play. Doncic is only in his third NBA season but already established himself as a top 5 player in the NBA and last year, at the age of 20, averaged 29 points to go along with over 9 rebounds and 9 assists per game, leading the Mavs to the playoffs. His impact on the Mavs is undeniable, and if you didn’t know he was that young, you would think he’s been in the league for 10 years by the way he plays the game.

During his guest appearance on Uninterrupted, LeBron shared his analysis of what makes Luka so great while comparing him to Magic Johnson and himself because of how they play the game. According to LeBron, they are rare players in NBA history that can control every aspect of the game and force teams to make adjustments depending on what they do on the court. Doncic, in the same way as Magic, is a competent passer who is a walking highlight reel, and if you watch them live, you can expect they will do something spectacular every game.

To be able to move at your own pace and be able to control every facet of the game. He controls every facet of the game, from scoring, rebounding, passing. His approach when he gets the ball, even when the team scores and his teammate outlets the ball for him to bring the ball up, you can tell the way he brings the ball up he has that Magic Johnson. I don’t like to speak about myself, but we have that certain mantra, demeanor when we are coming down the floor you are like something special will happen. If you go and decide you want to get some popcorn, you will miss something.

LeBron James, via Uninterrupted

Doncic might not be the strongest, fastest, or the most athletic guard in the league. Still, he has excellent fundamentals and a high basketball IQ that separated him from the rest already at an early age. He is only 21 now, and the sky is still the limit for him, even though it’s evident he is already one of the best players in the NBA. It will be interesting what kind of impact the Dallas Mavericks will have in the next season, and for them, it will be crucial for them to stay healthy. Doncic is their go-to guy, and if he can play at the same level as he did last season, there is no doubt they can make the playoffs once again and perhaps take it even further than last season.