LeBron burns the Clippers about getting Harrell

LeBron burns the Clippers about getting Harrell

Brian Windhorst always points LeBron is very salty about the awards he didn’t get – Derrick Rose‘s MVP in 2011 and the unanimous MVP that slipped away in 2013 are most often mentioned. You can add Marc Gasol‘s 2013 Defensive Player of the Year award to that list. 

Happy to have Marc, another champion, won with the Raptors two years ago, who I’ve always loved. Marc has my DPOY trophy at his house, but that’s not here nor there.

LeBron James, Road Trippin’ podcast

LeBron was a guest on the Road Trippin’ podcast and made that comment while talking about all the additions the Lakers made this offseason. The joke was made in good spirits, but you know what they say, where there’s smoke… LeBron finished his thought with, “I love you, Marc, I can’t wait to talk about this,” and we can’t wait to hear Marc’s response. If there’s one thing LeBron loves is to play with high IQ guys, and Marc Gasol is a top tier player when it comes to understanding the game. 

Dennis Schroder also came up, who LeBron christened Dennis The Menace, for his energy and attitude, which James spoke highly about. It’s no secret LeBron’s been Schroder’s fan for a while now, and he should help the Lakers second unit get buckets and ease the load off LeBron and AD in a condensed season. The bench part may become an issue, as Schroder sees himself as a starter for the Lakers. 

In addition to Marc Gasol, who was drafted by the Lakers and then traded for his brother Pau, the Lakers brought in another alum to the fold. Wesley Matthews’ father, Wesley Sr. won two rings with the Lakers in ’87 and ’88. James said he loved to compete against him and is sure he’ll be a contributor. Then came the icing on the cake for LeBron. The reigning Sixth Man of the Year, straight from the Clippers, Motrezl Harrell

With a huge smile on his face, LeBron agreed the Harrell signing caught everyone off guard, “including some of his teammates.” We need more rivalries in the NBA, and LeBron rubbing it into the Clippers should only add more fuel to the fire. I don’t expect Kawhi to respond, and Paul George hopefully learned his lesson about big talk. But some Clippers surely won’t remain silent. 

All in all, LeBron seemed very happy with the Lakers offseason, in a good mood, and energized to get the show on the road. Let’s see how the league responds. I’m looking at you, Clippers.