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Zion Williamson talks about his secret passion for writing poems

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Zion Williamson has a remarkable season so far, putting up big numbers with an efficiency rarely seen in the NBA with the number of shots he is taking. He is slowly but surely developing into one of the best players in the NBA, and surprisingly Zion is very consistent this year without any issues that could've slowed down his progress. Being a generational talent is one of the main reasons everyone knows about Zion, but most people don't know that he has another passion opposite to basketball.

In a recent interview on the JJ Redick podcast, Zion revealed he's writing poems, a passion he discovered as a senior in high school. Zion's teacher was the one who got him into poetry and incentivized him to write what is really on his mind.

It started in high-school, and it was like a creative writing class. I just needed another class in my senior year, so that was the available class for the timeslot. I remember going to class, and I was writing just to get the pass and a grade. Our teacher was just a great guy, a kind guy through and through. One day he came to me and said he wants me to actually try, I want you to talk about something real about you.

Zion Williamson, via JJ Redick

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It took some time for Zion to come up with something to write about, and then he decided to write about his personal experience of becoming a celebrity while he was still in high-school. In his first poem, he wrote about being two people at the same time, and it was very creative writing, after which his teacher told him he has real talent.

In my poem, I wrote about two people. One you gotta guy that flies, he can't do any wrong, wherever he goes people love him. He gets pictures, wouldn't you want to be that guy? A guy number two can't say no to a picture because if he says no, that person will because they will feel bad. If you tell one person yes, then you have to tell the other person yes because you don't want to pick favorites. I pretty much talked about being in the limelight at such young age, and in the end, I was like, what if I told you that was the same guy. How would you feel? That was a real poem and after that I'll be in my room typing up a poem. He made me feel like that was a way I could express myself.

Zion Williamson, via JJ Redick

It's a pleasant surprise to hear that such a big and strong guy like Zion has a creative and gentle side to him, leading him to write poems. Numerous NBA players have interests outside of the basketball world, but there weren't too many interested in creative writing like Zion. Zion admitting he's into writing poems positively surprised many fans because it's so unexpected. Hopefully, Zion will continue to surprise and impress us with his performance on the basketball court, and maybe even one day, he even publishes all the poems he wrote throughout the years.


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