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Zion Williamson talks about his motivation for the next season and shares which moves he worked on in the offseason

zion williamson

There are a lot of expectations ahead of Zion Williamson in the upcoming season with the New Orleans Pelicans. Even though there were several reports about his displeasure with the franchise and desire to play for another team, it seems Zion is set to make an impact past the regular season. In a recent interview for Sirius XM radio, he talked about his aspirations coming into his third NBA season. With the experience and hopefully the ability to stay healthy, Zion believes he can lead his team into the playoffs.

He remembers the horrible feeling he experienced when watching the playoffs last season and realizing he is not there with the Pelicans. If you are a true competitor like Zion, that only means you will be motivated to do everything in your power to get your team to the promised land, and that is what Zion set for himself.

"It was a sickening feeling. We weren't in the playoffs — and I'm watching the playoffs — I'm like, man, we can be there. Like I know we can be there this year. Man, something just took over me, and I was like, yeah, it's not happening again. It's not happening no more.

Zion Williamson, via Sirius XM

The Pelicans have a great group of young and talented players, and Zion finally accepting a leadership role could bring good things for the next season. Zion apparently has bought into the idea that this squad can make some noise in the playoffs, and if Zion elevates his game, there is no question they can make that happen.

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"When I started training, everything, from every rep, everything just felt personal. Everything was like, nah, nothing this year is going to stop us from getting into the playoffs. Like, we're going to do this. I'm going to make sure I do my part and more, to make sure my teammates see me working."

Zion Williamson, via Sirius XM

Zion worked a lot on his game in the offseason, adding more moves to his repertoire and looking to finesse his game even more. In combination with his strength and athleticism having a consistent shot either from midrange or outside of the arc would make Zion a nightmare for every defender in the league.

“I guess the best thing I can say is, a lot of floaters, a lot of midrange shots. I worked on that a lot this {summer} because I’m a rhythm player. If I have the ball, like I’ll just create a rhythm, so the midrange shot for me feels really good. So, it’s going to be a lot of that.”

Zion Williamson, via Sirius XM

The Pelicans made some adjustments this offseason, most notably adding Jonas Valanciunas, who will provide the inside presence and protect Ingram and Zion in the paint. The Pelicans have an interesting mix of young and experienced players, and if Zion has the same outburst as he has individually like last season, he might be an underrated MVP candidate. The motivation is there, and somewhat it's a message that he is planning to go nowhere and is prepared to achieve success with the Pelicans.

Obviously, health will be a crucial aspect in the entire story, and if Zion plays the majority of the regular season, the Pelicans have a chance to beat almost any team in the league. We'll see whether that will happen or not, but everybody should have their eye on this squad because they might surprise us next season.

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