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Zion Williamson explains why he loved watching Magic Johnson growing up

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Zion Williamson is slowly but surely getting adjusted to the NBA and is finally playing meaningful minutes showing the potential we all knew he had. Even though he didn't play a lot this season, you can see he will be one of the best players in the league soon if he remains to stay healthy. Zion is truly one of a kind player with an incredible combination of athleticism and strength, but his overall game needs more polishing.

The good thing is that Zion is a big fan of basketball who understands he needs to improve several aspects of his game. Therefore he mentioned he watched a lot of great players when he was a little kid, and one of his favorite players to watch was Magic Johnson. In an interview with Jonathan Abrams from Bleacher Report, Zion talked about a lot of things related to his career and different influences on him growing up. Since he was a big fan of the game ever since he was a little kid, Zion absorbed as much as he could watching games from the '80s and the '90s.

"I paid attention to the small things. Like when I'm in the barbershop or something and somebody would be like, 'You know who you really need to go watch is Magic Johnson. You don't know who that is.' Some kids are like, 'Alright, whatever.' [Me], I'm going to go watch full-game highlights on him, full clips of how he played the game. If you watched his highlights, Magic, before the ball is bouncing up in the air for that rebound, he already took his picture of the court. He gets that ball, takes one dribble, and he already knows where that ball is going. He already knows where his teammates are going to be, and he sees the play before it happens. You watch that on film; it's crazy for somebody to have a mind like that and be a 6'9" point guard."

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Even though Zion is a big fan of Magic, he watched other great players like Bird, Jordan, but even some older players like Earl Monroe. When Zion was coming into the NBA, there were also a lot of comparisons between him and LeBron, and watching young LeBron from the early '00s is something Zion regularly does. Zion seems like a true scholar of the game who knows each of these all-time greats brought something different to the game of basketball.

"Whenever I do my research on the game of basketball and see older people like Earl Monroe, or '90s babies like Michael Jordan, or early-2000s like LeBron, I like to break down their games, and even though it's different decades, they all brought their own flavors to the game."

Zion played in 10 games so far this season, which in all honesty isn't a lot, but he is so now averaging 22 points and over seven rebounds shooting exceptionally well from the floor. Nobody is still sure what position Zion plays, but if he says he watched a lot of Magic Johnson, then showtime basketball is guaranteed in New Orleans.

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