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Zach Lowe breaks down why the Clippers are not going to win an NBA championship

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On his recent podcast, Zach Lowe talked about the upcoming trade deadline, and the changes teams need to improve their rosters, especially those aiming to win a championship this season. Interestingly enough, when Lowe talked about the team that he is intrigued by the most for the remainder of the season, he mentions the Los Angeles Clippers. Lowe made an interesting analogy and observation of why the Clippers are a big disappointment for him despite the fact he picked them to win the championship last year, which unfortunately failed miserably for various reasons. 

Can I give you my intriguing team? And that is the LA Clippers. The LA Clippers aren't winning a title as of right now with their current team and how they're playing right now. They're not good enough. It's the first time I've said that about them in 2 years. I picked them to win the title last year, I was actually weirdly confident in that pick, and they collapsed. They're 5-8 in their last 13 games, Kawhi's missed 2 games, PG has missed 2, Ibaka has missed 2, Beverly has missed 3. We're in the doldrums. I don't like what I am seeing, and the reason I don't like what I am seeing is during that stretch where they haven't looked very good. The red flag all year has been; they don't get to the rim, and they don't get to the line. 

Zach Lowe, via Lowe Podcast

The Clippers roster predominantly consists of jump shooters, which is their biggest problem in Lowe's mind because they lack versatility, especially on offense. They don't drive to the basket as much as they should, and when you look at the players, who are more than capable of making plays for themselves and drawing fouls from the opposing teams. Lowe believes that no matter what change they make during the trade deadline, it will not affect their chances of winning a championship this season.

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They're just a jump-shooting team. That is all they are. They don't go out in transition, and in that 5-8 stretch, all of these trends have been exacerbated. They get to the rim even less, and they're never getting to the line. Their free throw rate with their stars on the floor is so low that if anyone is paying attention to it within the Clippers, it's a red blaring alarm bell going off. That it's just hard for us against good defenses. And everyone is going to point to the point guard position; having a good point guard would help. I don't think it's a nonissue; I think it has been blown up a little bit. I just don't think this team is going to win a championship."

Zach Lowe, via Lowe Podcast

The Clippers are not consistent, and so far, they really haven't convinced anybody they are a team that can make it past the second round of the playoffs. They are currently sitting at fourth place in the western conference, playing incredibly streaky for a team with championship aspirations. They will definitely make moves and trade players, but it will be interesting to see what changes they will make to their roster and whether those changes will positively impact their roster. Time will tell who is actually right about the Clippers, but until then, we can just sit back and see what will happen with their roster in the upcoming days. 

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