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"Y'all just be hating on the god!"-Kevin Durant claps back once again at Charles Barkley's 'bus-driver' comments

KD just can't get over it.
Charles Barkley backpedals on 'bus rider' diss on Kevin Durant

Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant

The legends of the game and NBA superstars of today's era often seem to collide and differ when it comes to their views on the league and how certain things should be done. If there is one duo that would be the prime example of that, it's Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant, who have been going back and forth for the past couple of months, and it's not looking like it's ending any time soon.

Bus riders and bus drivers

Charles Barkley has never been the one to shy away from voicing his opinion or criticizing someone, while Kevin Durant is definitely someone that will always respond and defend himself. So when Charles Barkley came up with his 'bus driver-bus rider' analogy, KD simply had to clap back.

"Before KD gets that great respect from all the 'old heads,' he's going to have to win a championship as the 'bus driver.' He joined that team that already won a championship, no disrespect, that's just a fact… Until he is the guy on a championship, we're not going to ever give him the respect that he probably deserves. The game hasn't changed. Kobe said it, LeBron said it, we're going to hold him to the same high standard."

Charles Barkley, Get Up

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Durant immediately responded on Twitter with a simple message. Still, a few weeks later, KD elaborate on his opinion on his podcast and respond to everything Charles said about him:

"Bus riders, bus drivers, like what does that even mean? That's a bunch of sh*t you just make up. Like I ain't did sh*t before i went to Golden State. I had shoes, I had MVPs before I met these guys. Y'all just be hating on the god. Then you say I won't get respect from the legends, like who? Cause every time I run into a legend I get nothing but love. Go do your research fam, I been this."

Kevin Durant, Boardroom

Obviously, Barkley's analogy really touched Kevin's nerve, considering he has been talking about this for some time now. When you have to call yourself a god, that's when you should realize you are in too deep. When you consider it was just an improvised and silly analogy it makes it even funnier.

Durant really wants to hear compliments, and whenever someone says anything negative about his career and legacy, he gets pretty defensive. In this case, Barkley is simply a messenger for the majority of the NBA world that doesn't think the two rings with the Warriors validated Durant's career.

If he really wants to get respect and be loved again, KD needs to do it on his own, but his latest decision with the trade request is not doing him any favors regarding his popularity and respect among fans.


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