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The Worst Basketball Sequence of All Time.

Plainwell High vs. South Haven High, February 16, 2001. Plainwell (white jerseys) led 64-48 with just over one minute remaining when things really began to fall apart.

It hurt my eyes just watching this. Eight ridiculous shot attempts, all off-target (of course) in less than 50 seconds. The losing team (black jerseys) is obviously trying to score a three-pointer to shorten the score gap, which is understandable. But what happened to running plays?

I'm sure everyone reading this has seen a couple of shitty basketball games, but this clip raises the bar to unreachable heights. This is unwatchable. OK, it can happen to the best of us — NBA players have had their fair share of horrible moments, nobody is denying that. But nonetheless, this has to be the worst basketball sequence I've ever seen in my life.

At least the people in the stands got a good laugh out of it. Not to sound malicious or stiff, or step on anyone's dreams, but if you were to caption this video, it would probably be something like "When basketball is not life".

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I appreciate the players' effort, but I sure hope the ones in this video stuck to school. This clip is definitely going to the Shaqtin' A Fool grand archives.

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