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Will this be the next big thing in sports?


We always wonder what will be the next revolution in basketball. A four-point line or specific areas on the court that make a shot worth more than 3? Some say we need to switch from 3s and 2s to 4s and 3s to make the shot behind the arc only 25% more valuable, not 33%. These would all be modifications within the sport. Mason Gordon wanted to merge several sports like MMA combines different fighting disciplines and then sprinkle a video-game feel to it. 

The result? A combination of basketball, hockey, football with trampolines around the basket. Slamball is actually referenced in ''Back to the Future II." Yet, it has been around since 2002, 13 years after it was released. I'm not kidding. 

Each team has four players on the court; substitutions are like in hockey, a dunk is worth three points, so is a shot behind the arc, others are worth two. There are four 5-minute quarters, and the shot clock is set at 15 seconds. It's not just the trampolines around the basket; the entire court is slightly springy (via Wikipedia):

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The spring floor lies adjacent to two sets of four trampolines or spring bed 'quads' which dominate each end of the court. Each trampoline surface measures 7 by 14 ft (2.1 by 4.3 m).) The shock absorbent panels pair with the competition bed trampolines to create a unique playing surface that both launches players to inhuman heights and cushions their landing upon returning to the floor. Specifically engineered pads are designed to cover the frame rails and their tapered design allows for maximum safety for on-court play. This entire playing surface will be surrounded with an 8 ft (2.4 m) Plexiglass wall much like in a hockey rink. Players wear protective cups and special equipment to protect various areas of the body. This consists of knee and elbow pads, and an optional SlamBall-specific helmet.

I could continue writing about it, but you just need to see it to believe it. This is crazy!

I may wake up in a nursing home in 2068 and it's Slamball playoffs season. I understand basketball was absurd when invented and people thought it was ridiculous. That being said, I can't take this seriously.

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