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This could be it for the Golden State Warriors - Why Steve Kerr thinks this season could be their Last Dance

Kerr knows the Warriors' era will close sooner than later
Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors are unfamiliar at the start of the season. The defending champions are 11th in the Western Conference, and coach Steve Kerr was honest in his take on his team's current struggles.

This could be the last year, maybe next year is the last year

The Netflix hit docuseries The Last Dance featured Steve Kerr and his important role in the Chicago Bulls' dynasty in the 90s led by superstars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Now, as head coach of another dynasty in the past decade, Kerr knows the clock is ticking for his Warriors.

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"This is my ninth year. If you look at the core -- Steph, Klay, Draymond, Andre -- those guys have been together for basically a decade. That doesn't happen in sports. But it can only last so long. We know this isn't going forever. This could be the last year, maybe next year is the last year. We're in the final stages. We know that. We want to make the most of it." per ESPN

Spoken like a man who had been there and done that, Steve is aware if they don't win a title this season or the next, this could be it. Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson are all aging, and with it comes hard decisions for the front office: who should get extended or sacrificed for an inevitable rebuild? These questions don't need to be answered now, but soon, a decision must be made for the franchise's future.

Why fans shouldn't worry about the Warriors?

It's still early in the season, and if there is a team who could flip the script, it's definitely the Warriors. The team's core is intact, and the addition of several upcoming names challenges the coaching staff on ways to integrate the new pieces into the old, reliable ones.

The chemistry was affected by what went down between Draymond and Jordan Poole, but it looks like everything is under the bridge now. Other teams have become stronger and started to figure out the Warriors. This is the best time to face them while they're still finding their groove. Once the playoffs start, no one would want to face Curry, Thompson, and Green in the early or later rounds.

An advice for the loyalists is to relax and support the team. Enjoy it while you can, so if and when it ends, there will be nothing left but great memories to visit back from this great NBA dynasty. 

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