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Why joining Team USA matters for players trying to recruit fellow stars


The Olympics is a golden opportunity to recruit stars and team up with other players. While recruiting publicly may mean violating the NBA's “No Tampering” rule, you can bet there are many locker room and dinner meetings between the Team USA players.

Miami Heat Big 3 was formed during Team USA training

Many people were surprised how the Miami Heat pulled off a coup, netting LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade in 2010. But for other insiders, the move was a long time coming. The three talked about playing together as early as 2006 in the FIBA World Cup. It’s still a wonder how the Heat managed this deal since it involved money, connections, and approval of superstar players. The Miami Big 3 ushered in a new era in the NBA, where all three stars who are still in their prime decided to play together and, in effect, sacrifice salary, personal awards, and ego.

It’s Bam Adebayo’s time now 

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Adebayo has been tapped to be part of Team USA. As one of the main players in Miami, he knows the history. Bam is aware that the training can be an excellent time to talk to other players about plans in the future.

In the next few years, the free agents who are part of the USA roster are Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant, Zach LaVine, and Khris Middleton. It’s no secret that LaVine and Beal are getting frustrated about the lack of direction of their respective teams. Can Bam plant ideas in Bradley and Zach’s minds?

What about KD? By the time he hits the free-agent market, assuming he won’t sign an extension, he will be 35 years old. If he is still healthy by that time, he could be looking to join another superteam to win more rings before his Hall of Fame career comes to a close. 

The players spend a lot of time playing, training, and eating together. Bonds will get stronger; new alliances will be formed. It’s interesting what happens behind the scenes and what superteams will be formed in this batch of Team USA. It sure wouldn't be the first time.

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