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Why Jason Kidd refused the Blazers job


A new era is starting to brew in Portland, as their long-tenured coach Terry Stotts is out of the picture, and the hunt for a new mind has begun. After another disappointing early playoff exit, it has become evident the Blazers need to shake up things and start fresh. Of course, everything begins with Damian Lillard, who has publically expressed his wishes to get Jason Kidd on board. Unfortunately for him, his wishes won't come true.

Even though it seemed highly likely the Blazers would be able to get Kidd on board in order to satisfy the wishes of their franchise player, the Lakers assistant shot down the chance of that happening right from the jump, as he told ESPN:

"Portland's a first-class organization and will have great candidates for its head coaching job, but I've decided not to be one of them. Whoever they choose will have big shoes to fill from Terry [Stotts]."

Jason Kidd, ESPN

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During his playing career, Kidd was regarded as one of the best and smartest point guards in the NBA, achieving an illustrious 19-year career. So it was only logical to transition straight to a coaching career after he retired from his playing days. Big things were expected from him, but Kidd has been underwhelming, leading the Nets and the Bucks for a couple of seasons and never managing to achieve a significant result. 

Currently, Kidd is serving as one of the top assistants to Frank Vogel with the Lakers, as he was a part of the 2020 championship staff. Now his name is wanted again in the head coaching waters, but it seems Kidd isn't interested in taking over the ropes of a team again for now. Maybe Kidd feels a coaching change could be happening right in LA sooner than later, as Kidd would also be one of the favorites to take over the Lakers and guide them back to a championship. 

Another reason fans are speculating is the fact Jason Kidd doesn't have the best reputation around the league due to the off-court scandals he has faced during and after his career. To add to that, he isn't a guy you would put too much trust in, as he has been known for not staying true to his word. Kidd's reputation is one of a man willing to walk over people to get what he wants (just ask folks in Brooklyn and Milwaukee), and it seems he is trying to fix that and present himself as an upfront, honest and good guy. 

As Kidd has rejected them, the Blazers have started to look elsewhere for a new coach, with names like Chauncey Billups, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike D'Antoni, and Juwan Howard up in the mix. One thing is for sure. Whoever gets the job won't have an easy task revitalizing the atmosphere in Portland and coaching a hopefully better supporting cast around Lillard. That is if Dame, of course, stays loyal to his original team. 

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