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Why Draymond Green is Golden State Warriors’ heart and soul

Numbers don't lie
Draymond Green

Draymond Green

If Stephen Curry is the head of the offensive juggernaut of the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green is the team’s heart and soul. The recent win-loss record proves it.

Draymond Green is key to the Warriors system

Draymond Green is out due to injury, and his absence caused the team’s recent sub-par performances. The Warriors have lost three in a row despite having Curry in the lineup. This just shows the importance of having Green’s skills on the offensive and defensive side of things.

With him in the lineup, the Dubs are 28-6 with a 101.9 defensive rating. Without Green, they are 15-13 with a 110.2 defensive rating. The latest loss against the Mavericks will push these stats further down. Coach Steve Kerr and the coaching staff are proud of running a selfless system with everyone getting a chance to become involved in offense and defense, and this is where Draymond’s multifaceted skill set comes into play. The intangibles he brings every night can make or break Golden State's games.

Draymond is only averaging 7.9 points but makes up for it with 7.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists. Green also provides a veteran locker room presence to guide their young stars or give Curry or Klay Thompson a timely pep talk.

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Charles Bakley’s comments that Green only provides triple-single may have caused a ruckus on the internet, but the reality is far from it.

All the pieces on the Warriors have different roles to play. In the absence of Klay Thompson, the team managed to keep things afloat. Without Steph Curry, the Warriors are 2-3 but without Green, the team loses a playmaker, an able perimeter defender, a secondary line of defense, and a hustle player. There were those questioning why Green was voted as a reserve in the All-Stars in Cleveland, but these highlights answer that question.

Can he be as effective for other teams? Some argue Green plays great because of Golden State's system. The same can be said for the team: Golden State runs its system well because of Draymond Green.

The team needs him healthy as the chase to playoff places starts. The Warriors is second in the West Conference, but if it wants to have a shot at the finals, it needs the versatile forward back healthy and doing his best.

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