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Who’s more likely to win a title late in their career — Steph Curry or Chris Paul?


Chris Paul signed a deal to stay with the Phoenix Suns until he is 40 years old. Meanwhile, Steph Curry is also expected to sign an extension with the Golden State Warriors and he will probably finish his career as a Warrior - one of the last lifers in the NBA. Who do you think has bigger chances of winning a title late in their career, CP3 or Chef Curry?

CP3 locked into the Suns

The Suns gave Paul a 4-year, $120 million deal which means he could play for Phoenix until he is 40 years old. Critics are questioning this move as the deal might be anchored more on nostalgic reasons than facts. CP3 is now 36 years old, and although he has proven in the past that he remains one of the top point guards in the league, fans worry that he is one significant injury away from dramatically diminished production. 

Every team that Paul played for improved its regular-season records and often surprisingly made the Playoffs (see OKC). Suns management knew that there's no need to fix the system if the system ain’t broke. They are hoping for continuity and stability rather than breaking the roster up. For CP3, he can still mentor Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton, who will be the core of the team in the years to come. 

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Is the new deal justified? Only time will tell. If he remains healthy, Chris can help Phoenix make the Playoffs every year. But the health part is a big "if" with CP3. As far as Booker is concerned, Paul is one of the greatest ever to play, and he deserves to win a championship before he retires. Ayton and Booker need to improve 

Steph Curry to sign extension deal worth $215 million

Curry is expected to sign an extension to stay with the Warriors, most likely to end his storied career in Golden State. The deal is reportedly four years worth $215 million. Although Golden State missed the Playoffs last season, with everyone back and healthy fans can expect a better result this upcoming season. Curry was back to his former self, averaging 32 points per game and connecting 42 % of shots beyond the arc. This kind of production makes him deserving of a bigger deal, but at 33 years old, there is always the risk of injury. The extension will not kick in until the start of the 2022-23 season, and if he accepts it, Curry will stay in the Bay Area until 2026 - he will be 38. 

Warriors management is sending a message to other teams that Steph is still their main man and any hopes of luring him away would be futile. The question now remains, with two future Hall of Fame point guards expected to be locked in long deals, who will have a better chance of winning a title late in their careers?

If we are to judge by last season, it seems Paul has a better chance if Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton can develop their games. In addition to that, the Suns are a much deeper team right now - the Warriors can only dream of players like Cam johnson and Mikhail Bridges as their 4th and 5th option. But, the Suns know they were lucky this year and the path to the Finals will only get harder in years to come.

On the other hand, Curry is younger and seems still in his prime - there's no doubt he's a much better player than Paul and a legitimate MVP candidate. If Klay comes back healthy (knock on wood), the Warriors can still get a legit star (Bradley Beal?) for Wiseman, Wiggins, Kuminga, Moody, and a pick or two. We know the Playoffs are all about the top talent, and who has the best player in the series. In the next few years, Steph Curry has a lot more potential to be the best player in a series, and that makes him more likely to win a title in the next few years. 

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