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When JJ Redick WENT OFF on the Pelicans locker room


Not so long ago, JJ Redick set fire to the Pelicans' reputation after being traded to the Dallas Mavericks. The veteran shooter explained in detail how the Pelicans made him a promise to trade him somewhere close to his family, living in Brooklyn, and then sent him out to Dallas, TX.

I don’t think you’re going to get honesty from that front office… I don’t expect the agents who worked with me to ever trust that front office again.

JJ Redick, The Old Man & The Three

Redick revealed the main reason for joining the Pelicans was to play with Jrue Holiday, and after his trade to Milwaukee, the clock on JJ's time in New Orleans started ticking. But their time together was great, as JJ took on a mentor role for Jrue, teaching him what it means to be a leader. One of those nights actually happened in Milwaukee, of all places, in the middle of a 13 game losing streak for the Pelicans. They were down around 20 points at halftime, and Redick decided to make a point.

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“JJ walked up to me and he was like 'Watch this.' Walks in throwing s--t, throws a water bottle and just goes off on us and I'm like..... 'YES!'”

Jrue Holiday, The Old Man & The Three

It was a national TV game, and the Pelicans just no-showed from the whistle. Redick spent his entire life playing on good teams, playoff teams - last year was the first year of his career Redick didn't play in the playoffs since he joined the NBA. So as the veteran, it wasn't just about the fact they were losing, but the fact the Pelicans seemingly didn't even put up a fight.

This is why sometimes veteran players may seem overpaid if you only look at their box score. Redick may not be in his prime anymore, but young teams like the Pelicans need someone who'll walk in the locker room and open up a can of whoop-ass. Unfortunately, there was collateral damage after the outburst.

“I threw two water bottles, and I aimed the water bottles where I didn't see a name plack. But everybody puts their clothes in the locker next to theirs, where there is no name plack. I think Nickeil's outfit was a victim.”

JJ Redick, The Old Man & The Three

As Redick pointed out, it was in the middle of a 13 game losing streak, so his attempt to bring some life and energy into the team didn't work. However, given the Pelicans' defensive performance and effort this year, they could use someone like Redick throwing stuff around a bit.

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