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Wally Szczerbiak shares why Ben Simmons is the most overrated player: "You can’t even get him on the basketball floor!"

Amid all the drama involving Kyrie Irving, Wally Szczerbiak redirects our attention to Ben Simmons and his struggles this season.
Wally Szczerbiak points at Ben Simmons going up for a dunk

Ben Simmons and Wally Szczerbiak

After a 470-day-long hiatus due to controversies and injuries, Ben Simmons has been trying to get back to form with the Brooklyn Nets. So far, he has posted subpar numbers. And Minnesota Timberwolves icon Wally Szczerbiak slammed the Australian, calling him the "most overrated player" in the NBA.

First overall pick

Szczerbiak, now an analyst for the New York Knicks, detailed why Simmons is overrated. Apart from not living up to being the first overall pick in the NBA Draft, Wally pointed out Simmons' shortcomings in the playoffs two years ago.

"Most overrated player is Ben Simmons. It's not even close. The guy couldn't even play in the playoffs two years ago. Then he was scared to get on the court all of last year. The guy is scared to shoot. He's the first pick in the NBA draft and you can't even get him on the basketball floor," Szczerbiak said on the MSG Network, per the NY Daily News.

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Those who have been following this drama know what Szczerbiak is talking about. He's referring to Simmons' Game 7 blunder against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2021 Playoffs. Before he was traded to the Nets, Simmons sat out for several reasons. One of them is his tiff with the Philadelphia 76ers organization.

A different Ben

Simmons has cleared up the Atlanta Hawks drama in his tell-all interview with JJ Redick. He claims that he didn't see who was about to contest him — whether it was a big guy or a guard. And so he dished it off, not knowing he was wide open. Also, he shared his plans to shoot the ball in his comeback season.

But early in the season, we have yet to see Simmons deliver on his promise. He takes just 5.4 shots per game while converting on 44.2%. All of these are lay-ups and dunks. There are even a couple of occasions where he air-balled lay-ups. Opposing teams continue to sag off him.

Amid his offensive lapses, Simmons is still regarded as one of the best defenders in the league. However, Szczerbiak still hasn't seen this version of Simmons. And he's getting a bit antsy.

"He's supposed to be a good defender. He was playing for the Brooklyn Nets and they were giving up 125 points per game and they got their coach (Steve Nash) fired because they couldn't stop anybody," Szczerbiak said. "Ben Simmons is so overrated you can't even put him in the game anymore. It's a little bit of a shame."

Szczerbiak made some key points. Simmons is supposed to be an All-Star, and the Nets should be one of the head honchos of the East. Yes, the off-court controversies have affected their performance. But if we are to zoom into the details, Simmons hasn't been contributing to the team like a guy of his stature should.

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