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VINCE CARTER THINKS ZACH RANDOLPH should receive more respect "You deserve everything"

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Former NBA player Zach Randolph recently made a guest appearance on the show NBA on TNT, where he talked with Vince Carter about some of the things from his long career. Randolph retired after the 2017/18 season in a Sacramento Kings uniform despite making a name for himself playing for the Portland Trailblazers and later on with the Memphis Grizzlies.

During his 22-year-long career, Carter player for several NBA teams and he had an opportunity to share the locker room with Randolph. Carter joined the Grizzlies in 2014 and stayed there for three seasons after they both played together for the Sacramento Kings. Carter said they had something special while playing for the Grizzlies, who were a solid playoff team for several years in a row. Randolph was a leader on that team, and they immediately welcomed him with open arms rarely seen in the NBA today.

When I first got to Memphis, you accepted me with open arms, you and the fellas. Mike, Mark, T.A. I tell you, your passion, your love for the game, getting to know you, playing against you as a young Z-Bo in Portland days, and playing alongside you in Memphis and then, of course, going to Sacramento. We had a lot of conversations, experienced a lot of things, especially in our later years.You deserve everything

Vince Carter, via NBA on TNT

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Even though Randolph was a 2-time All-Star, it seems he is underappreciated among NBA fans today. He was a walking double-double in his prime, having incredible skill in the low post and tenacity to go against bigger guys than him on a nightly basis.

Carter also had the opportunity to become close friends with Randolph, who, contrary to popular belief, is a great guy always ready to tell a joke and have fun with his teammates. Throughout the years, Randolph was portrayed as one of the NBA's toughest players who never backed down from anyone, which is definitely true, but Carter wanted to show his other side as well. The one that made him a great teammate and a true leader of the team.

I tell you man, your love for the game, your willingness to win, being named first name 20 last name 10. That would be you. It's been a pleasure battling with you. For those who don't know you, they know you don't take nonsense, and you don't take stuff from anybody, but you are a funny guy. We know how you get down.

Vince Carter, via NBA on TNT

Carter's retirement received a lot of attention from the media and rightfully so, but he wanted to use the opportunity to give respect for Randolph as well. Even though he never won a ring, Randolph remained consistent throughout the years, making a positive impact. The Grizzlies were a perfect example of that, and you knew you would have to fight them on every possession. That is the mentality Randolph brought to the team, which is something Carter had the opportunity to experience first hand.

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Vince Carter shares his appreciation for Zach Randolph.

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