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VIDEO: LaMarcus Aldridge walks out of his Game 5 postgame press conference

Really? After carrying the San Antonio Spurs this entire season, while averaging 23.1 points and 8.5 rebounds in the regular season and similar numbers during the NBA Playoffs — not one reporter had any questions?

He just scored 30 points, the most in the game, more than Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson, and he got no questions? Such disrespect. Did he carry the team to Playoffs in Kawhi's absence and no question at all? LaMarcus had a great season and he definitely deserves some more respect.

Aldridge seemed chill about the entire situation and just decided to leave after 10 seconds of awkward silence in the conference room.

The way I see it, LaMarcus left no questions to be asked this season. He was an absolute beast and carried the San Antonio Spurs on his back, while others decided not to play, khm, khm.

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