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Two crazy overtime games

It's getting better by the day out there. We are just getting to know the teams after all the reshuffling during the summer, even though the regular season is a marathon (and too long) we had two wild overtime games last night with two stars missing free throws with games on the line. This is what happened.

Spurs at Lakers

An amazing game that had several runs that made it seem it was over, yet the other team somehow clawed back. At 1:10 to go in regulation the Spurs had a 118 - 110 lead. Then the Lakers clawed back and LeBron hit a dagger 3 with 4 seconds on the clock to put the game into overtime at 128 - 128.

Then with 55 seconds to go in OT a wild sequence in which Hart saves the ball, flings it half court and somehow fins Kuzma who taps it to LeBron and he storms the paint and gets an and-one. LeBron sinks the free thrown and it's 142-136 for the lakes with under a minute to go. 18,997 people lost it at that point in a sold-out Staples Center.

The Spurs score a quick two and then get the ball back and follow up with a Gay three, making it 142-141 for the Lakers with 15 seconds to go. A quick foul on LeBron with a chance to put the game to bed. At this point, we get proof LeBron is human as he misses both free throws. Here is where the Spurs make an amazing play. Both Aldrige and DeRozan are having a monster game, so you have to defend both of them. DeRozan is inbounding to Aldrige and it's decision time. Does he hand it back to DeRozan, turns around and shoot? Who do you pay special attention to?

Spurs win 143-142.

Spurs recap

Aldrige - 37 pts, 5 ast, 10 rbd DeRozan - 32 pts, 14 ast, 8 rbd The main question before the season was how will Aldrige and DeRozan coexist in the paint. While the Lakers are not a top-level defense, it seems the Spurs will find a way for the two mid-range stars to work together. Only 28.8% of their shots came from behind the arc, yet they managed to score 128 points in regulation. Twos are also good if you score them with high efficiency, which both Aldrige and DeRozan can do. You may find them boring, but it works.

Lakers recap

James - 32 pts, 14 ast, 8 rbd Kuzma - 37 pts, 3 ast, 8 rbd Hart - 20 pts, 1 ast, 10 rbd The Lakers are now 0-3 but there is no reason to sound the alarm. They were in all those games against good competition and their playing style points to good things in the future. All of the young players had clutch plays in the finish of the game so there is a lot to be optimistic about. Although, it is worth to point out LeBron probably wins 2 out of 3 of those games in the East, and this is the new reality he will need to adjust to in the West.

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Wizards at Trail Blazers

18.8 seconds to go, a jump ball on Wizard's half. The ball gets to Stauskas a.k.a. Sauce Castillo who drains a corner 3, 13 seconds to go, 111 - 108 Blazers lead.

Wall inbounds to Beal who gives it right back, Wall fakes and has a good look but gives up a good shot for a better one to Beal who sinks the three, 6.6 seconds to go, 111-111.

Lillard has a chance to win the game but Beal blocks his layup, we are going into overtime. With 10 seconds to go in the overtime, Wall gets a pick-and-roll switch and has Nurkic on him. He calls game and scores a mid-range 2 making it 125-121 for Wizards.

Maye a bit too early for Wall as Stauskas inbounds to CJ McCollum who drains a difficult 3 with a hand in his face.

Then Wall misses both free throws and the Blazers get the ball back. Lillard goes in for the layup but is again blocked, this time by Porter Jr.
Wizards win 125-124.

Wizards recap

Beal - 25 pts, 7ast, 8 rbd
Morris - 28 pts, 1 ast, 9 rbd
Wall - 16pts, 9 ast, 7 rbd
The Wizards are constantly underperforming their talent and talk about breaking up Wall and Beal has become standard procedure every summer. There were obviously issues in that locker room, but their talent is undeniable. This game was won on hustle plays with two major blocks at the end of regulation and overtime. They played team defense and hustled on every possession so this may be a sign of good things ahead.

Blazers recap

Lillard - 29 pts, 8 ast, 8 rbd
Nurkic - 22 pts, 2 ast, 18 rbd
McCollum - 13 pts, 4 ast, 4 rbd
The Blazers shot 28.2% from three (11 - 39). When Lillard (2 - 10) and McCollum (1 - 9) are cold from behind the arc, it is very difficult for them to win. IT7s too soon to make any conclusion but keep an eye on Stauskas.

Photo courtesy NBA youtube channel

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