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Draymond Green and Kevin Durant reveal what was said during their infamous altercation


On November 12, 2018, the Warriors lost to the Clippers 121-116, "dropping" to 11-3 on the season. But that wasn't the story. All eyes were on Draymond Green and Kevin Durant and their heated exchange that would later be a factor KD leaving the Bay. Today, almost three years and hundreds of stories later, the two have finally shed light on the incident.

I got the rebound, and I took off up the court. K is clapping for the ball, and I'm taking off. I'm driving up the court. In my mind, K is about to come in for the trail, and I'm about to pitch it back. He is about to walk into the 3; we're going home, we got a game tomorrow. This is how I'm envisioning this whole play happening.

Draymond Green, The ETCs

As Draymond turned for the pitch back, KD was nowhere to be found. So instead of sealing the game at the end of regulation, Draymond dribbled the ball off his foot on the pretext of looking for the team's go-to closer. That's Green's version of why 'sh*t went wrong.' But Durant saw things differently.

In my mind, this is how I played it out. We got the stop; I'm grabbing the rebound, as soon as I cross halfcourt, I'm shooting it. That was the disconnect. That was it. I wanted the moment; Draymond saw it in a different way. That was the clash. I ain't run [down the court] because I was like, 'Damn, I ain't got this motherf--ker in my hands right now.' I was so distraught.

Kevin Durant, The ETCs

What followed was the back-and-forth that might've ruined the dynasty. You rarely say that about a team's 14th game of the season, especially when they're coming off back-to-back NBA championships. But even Durant admitted, the altercation with Draymond impacted his decision to leave the Warriors and join the Brooklyn Nets.

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I'm walking off the court, and K is yelling, 'Give me the motherf--king ball.' I'm just looking at him, and my response was, 'I was f--king passing you the ball if you would have f--king ran.' I sit and he's like two or three chairs over from me. He slaps the chair right next to me, 'I said give me the f--king ball.' That's when I was like, 'Yo, hey motherf--ker I do this too. I was gonna give your a-- the ball if you weren't f--king bitching. I do this too.'

Draymond Green, The ETCs

The back-and-forth continued until DeMarcus Cousins pulled Draymond aside and told him to stop it. From that moment on, everyone started to make a big deal out of it.

"To me, it wasn't a big deal," said Draymond. "Did we get into a bad argument? Yes. But K would cuss me out all the time. Fast forward, the build-up of everything, the media coverage around it, the suspension - it only made it worse. The s--t continued to fester and took on a complete life of its own."

Durant felt the same way. He knew Draymond went too far and planned to confront him about it behind the scenes. But he also knew there was no way of keeping that stuff inside the Warriors locker room. That's what frustrated KD the most.

I was so irritated because I knew the vultures was about to eat this s--t up. I knew they were gonna use it to try to divide and separate me from the group. That was the irritating part because I knew it was gonna happen.

Kevin Durant, The ETCs

Draymond also admitted he "definitely said some things I shouldn't have said," but didn't reveal exactly what it was. My guess is that's exactly what forced KD out of Golden State. He seems to have been at peace with everything the two have shared about the altercation. But the hidden stuff - what Draymond refused to reveal - was probably a deal-breaker for the superstar forward.

Dynasties usually don't get ruined during a regular season game in November. But in every rule, there's an exception.

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