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Steph's biggest competition - Top 5 players with the most 3-pointers against Stephen Curry

Four guards and one forward. Here are the players who wind up their shooting arm whenever they face Stephen Curry.
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

Steph Curry

There’s no point in reiterating that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter that the world has seen. He has the 3-point records as proof. Not just that, Curry also has four NBA Championships to prove how lethal he is.

As cliche as it sounds, Steph became the great shooter that he is in part because of his contemporaries. Here are the Top 5 players with the most 3-pointers against Stephen Curr (minimum of 10 games, data collected from StateMuse).

5. Chris Paul (59 3-pointers, 35 games)

People call Chris Paul the Point God because of his supreme vision and passing skills. So it’s quite a surprise that Paul is on this list, or any 3-pointers list for that matter. This shows that Paul has other dimensions to his game. You don’t only fear his ability to spot his teammates wide open. You also can’t leave him wide-open from anywhere.

Paul is actually one of Curry’s early mentors during the Warriors guard’s first few years in the league. Even before Curry set foot in the NBA, he was already receiving words of wisdom from the Point God. As such, Paul might feel beholden to play his A-Game whenever he’s facing his student.

4. Kevin Durant (61 3-pointers, 26 games)

In any contemporary scoring list, Kevin Durant’s name is sure to pop out. The man has four scoring titles on his resume. And since Durant is playing in an era where the 3-point holds utmost priority, it’s not a surprise that Durant has accumulated a bunch of 3-pointers. Whenever he’s about to face Curry, better believe that he’s unwinding that shooting arm.

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Their most heated 3-point shooting duel occurred on Feb 27, 2016. Curry knocked down 12-of-16 from beyond the arc while Durant was 7-of-11. The Warriors won, 121-118. But Durant did not shy away from Curry’s 3-point barrage. Seven 3-pointers is Durant’s second-career best, proving that he pushed himself to the limit that night.

3. Wesley Matthews (66 3-pointers, 31 games)

Wesley Matthews is the outlier on this list because he’s the only one not renowned as an All-Star. This perhaps makes this feat more impressive. Whereas the other players in this list have the ball in their hands for the majority of their team’s offensive possessions, Matthews has limited cracks at the basket. 

2. James Harden (83 3-pointers, 33 games)

James Harden actually ranks third on the all-time 3-pointers list. When he surpassed Reggie Miller last season, no one batted an eye. Why doesn’t the media celebrate Harden’s milestones is a big mystery. Do they hate him because of his off-court activities? Are they irritated by his flopping antics?

Whatever the case may be, Harden will still go down as one of the most potent scorers in history. Curry isn’t the only one who ushered in the 3-point era. The Beard was instrumental in the game’s evolution.

1. Damian Lillard (90 3-pointers, 24 games)

Only two players in this era have the guts to pull up from near the logo and swish it: Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard. Whenever the Warriors and the Trail Blazers face one another, fans expect a shooting showcase between the two guards.

February 19, 2016, was their greatest shooting competition ever. Curry dropped 31 points, including 7-of-13 from deep. Lillard did a little extra by shooting 9-of-12 from downtown. He also exploded for 51 points (which is just his fourth career-best) and led his team to victory.


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