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Top 10 Disrespectful Poster Dunks in NBA History


There is no other play in basketball that gets the fans and players more hype than a poster dunk. And when you add some disrespect and flare with a mean mug or gesture after the dunk, the play gets even better. With the NBA having numerous amazing leapers and characters in its history, we have seen a fair share of amazing poster dunks, and today we will bring you the very best. Here are the Top 10 disrespectful poster dunks in the history of the NBA.

#10 Shaquille O'Neal over Chris Dudley

Now, this dunk isn't maybe the most amazing, but the pure power and disrespect Shaq displayed in this sequence had to make its way onto this list. O'Neal dominantly backed down poor Dudley, slam it with two hands in his grill, and to add insult to injury, pushed him down into the baseline after the dunk. Dudley was heated as he tried to hit Shaq with the ball, but that's expected when you get manhandled like that. One of the most iconic plays of Shaq's amazing career.

#9 Blake Griffin over Kendrick Perkins

Blake managed to get his first dunk in over a year the other night, which made me think how a player capable of pulling this kind of dunk would fall off like that athletically. Age and injuries are undefeated, but at least we can look back at this classic Blake Griffin play from 2012 when he absolutely baptized Kendrick Perkins. Coming off a CP3 pick and roll, Blake elevated over Perkins, took the contact, and trunked the ball in, causing mayhem in the Staples Center. Blake was regularly bashing rims at the time, but this was and remained his best dunk ever. Good enough to find its way on this list.

#8 Michael Jordan over Patrick Ewing

Of course, the GOAT had to find his way on this list, as the so-called "Double Nickel" dunk over Ewing is still one of the best posters ever. The whole play was majestic, with Jordan faking out the double on the baseline and driving to throw down the ferocious poster over the huge Ewing. He would just backpedal to the free-throw line for the additional free throw while looking at Ewing, as even the MSG crowd couldn't believe it. Spoiler alert: You may find another Bull throwing it down over Ewing later in this list.

#7 LeBron James over Jason Terry

LeBron had his share of posters during his illustrious career, but this one from 2013 over Jason Terry is his best one. What better setting than playing in the packed hostile TD Garden against the rival Celtics. After Wade stole the ball and the Heat got into a four-on-one fastbreak, James flew through the air for the Norris Cole alley-opp and made Terry fly. The Heat bench went crazy, as LeBron just started at Terry and walked away. How impactful that poster was is seen in the fact Terry recently shared how kids to this day ask him about that dunk.

#6 Vince Carter over Alonzo Mourning

The list wouldn't be right without including possibly the best dunker of all time. Vince's best dunk came in 2005 when he posterized one of the best defensive centers ever, Alonzo Mourning. Fair enough, Mourning was at the end of his career, but that doesn't diminish the pure art of this dunk. Carter got the loose ball, made a smooth behind-the-back move, and just cocked it back over Mourning for the brutal dunk and foul, making the strong Alonzo fly away. Mourning's teammate "D-Wade" even had to admit this was a Top 10 off All-Time type of dunk. He was right.

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#5 Baron Davis over Andrei Kirilenko

The "We Believe" Warriors from 2007 are to this day one of the best and most exciting stories the NBA has ever seen, and the most memorable moment from their run was Baron Davis posterizing AK-47. The atmosphere was fuming in the packed Oracle Arena as the Warriors played the Jazz after bouncing out the number one seed Mavericks. But when you thought the crowd couldn't get any louder, Davis drove in for a monster dunk over Kirilenko and put his jersey up in celebration, making it a moment to remember. The dunk, atmosphere, and all-around impression of this play make it one of the best posters ever.

#4 DeAndre Jordan over Brandon Knight

Around this time in the NBA, Brandon Knight was considered one of the NBA's unluckiest players - this play being the main reason. Jordan caught the lob from CP3 and punched it in ferociously over the poor Knight, who was just trying to play help defense. The dunk itself was terrific, but the reaction from all the players on the court just made it ultra disrespectful. Kudos to Knight for trying to stop the dunk, but unfortunately, it just made him a laughing stock at the time.

#3 Dwyane Wade over Anderson Varejao

Wade got the ball after LeBron missed the dunk and went coast to coast. At the other end, Anderson Varejo was waiting for him, but Wade took it to the hole and threw down the one-handed hammer over the Brazilian center. Varejo flew into the stanchion as Wade stepped over him to completely embarrass the Brazilian. This was a perfect showing of D-Wade in his prime.

#2 Shawn Kemp over Alton Lister

At number two, we have an old-school gold classic. Shawn Kemp was one of the best dunkers in the 90's, as this dunk over Alton Lister is by far his most memorable dunk ever. Kemp drove from the top of the key, elevated, and threw down the one-hand dunk while spreading his legs and making Lister disappear from the frame. But the highlight of the play was Kemp's hilarious celebration, squatting and pointing at Lister. That just had to put it at the top of the best posters in NBA history.

#1 Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing

As promised before, we have the second appearance by Patrick Ewing, but in this instance, it was Scottie Pippen who posterized him and earned the title of the most disrespectful poster dunk ever. Everything about this play was perfect, as the playoff battle between fierce rivals, the Bulls and the Knicks, reached its high point when Pippen elevated on the fast break, dunked it with one hand, push Ewing away, and walked over him as the ultimate sign of disrespect. Ewing did not appreciate it, but he looked too distraught to do anything. While walking away, Pip didn't miss the chance to trash talk Knicks superfan, Spike Lee, making this an all-around iconic play and the best poster dunk ever.

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