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“This is the play-in not the playoffs” — Shaquille O'Neal and the crew lose it over the Timberwolves celebrating their win

The way he celebrated, you'd think Patrick Beverly locked in Finals MVP.
Shaquille O'Neal and Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverly

Shaquille O'Neal and Patrick Beverly

You’d think a woman gluing herself to the floor would take the lead in any NBA game. But, the way the Timberwolves celebrated the win against the Clippers got Shaq, Chuck, Kenny, and the internet laughing out loud. 

”Minnesota just won the chip “

If you didn’t know anything about the NBA and just saw the last-minute of the Timberwolves-Clippers game, you’d think the Wolves just won the NBA title, and Patrick Beverly is the Finals MVP. The Inside crew, yet again, echoed what most of us were thinking. 

Look, it’s been hard in Minnesota for a while now (apart from a short Jimmy Butler episode, and that didn’t end well either). And to be fair, it was mostly Patrick Beverly taking it over the top, and Anthony Edwards showing his youth by following Beverly and jumping on the scorer’s table. But it was more than enough for the internet to set them straight. 

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A slice of humble pie for Karl-Anthony Towns

As I mentioned at the top, a woman glued herself to the floor (probably fighting for animal rights), and that, combined with the crazy celebration, will outshine two main takeaways from this game. Anthony Edwards is ready for the bright lights for the playoffs, and we found that out because, again, Karl-Anthony Towns wasn’t. At least not tonight. He fouled out with an abysmal 11/5/3, 3-11 from the field, 0-2 from behind the arc. 

“He had three offensive fouls, you can't have three offensive fouls. Then he had two dumb fouls.“ 

Charles Barkley, Inside the NBA

With KAT playing for only 24 minutes, others had to step up. In comes Anthony Edwards with 30/5/2, 10-21 from the field, 5-11 from behind the arc. Shaq praised the young man and had some advice for KAT. 

“Karl Anthony Towns should be in that locker room thanking him ‘Whatever you need I got you.’

Shaquille O'Neal, Inside the NBA

Everyone agreed even the best have bad games - Kenny mentioned there were nights when Hakeem didn’t have it, and others stepped up. This poor performance doesn’t mean Towns’ excellent regular season is worthless.  

But it is a reminder that naming himself “the greatest big man shooter ever” was a bit much and way too soon. 

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