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“This generation is some goons!” — Kendrick Perkins takes a jab at Kevin Durant and his generation

Kevin Durant first vouched for Steve Nash to be his head coach in Brooklyn, only for KD to demand Nash be replaced two seasons later.
Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant and center Kendrick Perkins

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins

With the recent developments of Kevin Durant's offseason saga surfacing on Monday, the Brooklyn Nets superstar has taken player empowerment to another level. Not only has Durant requested out of Brooklyn (while in the middle of his four-year contract), but he is now also giving ultimatums to Nets owner Joe Tsai to fire general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash.

To the disdain of old heads

This is why former players like Kendrick Perkins think it's absolutely ridiculous how this generation acts these days. According to the one-time champion, what KD is doing this offseason is a reflection of how this generation will do anything to get what they want — which is the complete opposite of how it used to be back in the day when players would rather deal with the storm instead of running away from it.

"So let's get this straight… KD requests a trade the day after the draft, all the shit hits the fan and a month later he doubles up and calls for the jobs of the GM and the Coach?" "This generation is some goons! Carry on," Perkins said via Twitter on Monday.

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After The Athletic's Shams Charania released the breaking story regarding Durant's request, Tsai released his statement a few moments later, saying that Marks and Nash have his full support. Tsai added that the Nets would only make decisions moving forward that best suit their interests.

A brutal negotiation tactic

With this recent news unfolding, it's safe to assume that Durant remains steadfast on being traded this summer. It's unfortunate for Brooklyn to go through all of this summer, who did everything they could to cater to Durant and his best friend, Kyrie Irving.

Remember, Durant first vouched for Nash to be his head coach in Brooklyn, only for KD to demand he be replaced two seasons later. This looks poorly on the generational superstar, who had aspirations of becoming the face of the Brooklyn Nets.

That is why it's not surprising that the likes of Perkins completely disagree with Durant's actions over the past couple of months. First, it doesn't look good on the reputation of today's NBA, and second, player empowerment continues to underwhelm the power of team owners and shareholders, which could be a massive problem in the following Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations.

Ultimately, the Nets only have a couple of weeks to decide whether they want to keep their unhappy superstar or abide by his request and fire Steve Nash and Sean Marks. No one knows what the Nets are up to, but one thing's for sure: Durant looks like the antagonist (in Perkins' words, goon), and not the protagonist in this scenario. 

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