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“THEY PISS ME OFF EVERY YEAR” Barkley explains why he's not in 2K


NBA 2K has become an integral part of the NBA experience. With years, more and more players have appeared in the game, as characters or play-by-play guys, making the experience as immersive as possible. But, you won't be hearing Charles Barkley talk to you in the game. The reason why is the ultimate Chuck story.

“I’m asked that question a lot. So, they pay those guys to do it and they make 300 million dollars and they pay the guys chump change. And I’m like nah, I’m not doing that. I said this is what I’ll do because giving me some money doesn’t help anybody. I said 'give the old retired players a million dollars and I’ll be in the video game.' They’re like 'well, we’re gonna pay you the same thing we pay others,' and I said 'I’m not like the others.'”

Charles Barkley, Nick's Trick Shots

In addition to being 100% authentic, this is why everyone loves Chuck. Barkley never forgot his humble beginnings and aware of how blessed he was to make a fortune playing the game he loves. Chuck always says he never worked a day in his life and uses every chance to support the less fortunate.

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When praised for figuring out gravity, Sir Issac Newton said: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Barkley understands the same thing goes for NBA players. Chuck, MJ or LeBron and Steph can make so much money because guys like Bill Russell and Walt Fraizer made it possible. To put things into perspective, Wilt Chamberlain broke salary records for his time with a five-year contract worth $250,000/year between 1968 and 1973. Even adjusted for inflation, nowhere near what players are making today.

“They piss me off every year. They call me every year and say ‘hey have you changed your mind?’ Why in the world would you think I’m gonna change my mind?”

Charles Barkley, Nick's Trick Shots

This would actually be a great move for 2K. They get Charles in the game, which would make the experience legendary, and support veteran players. Come on 2K, make this happen!

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