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"They fu**ed it up" — Draymond and Durant blame the Warriors for KD's departure


A consensual opinion is that the Warriors dynasty ended the moment Draymond Green got in Kevin Durant's face during their bench altercation against the Clippers. But that's not how the two of them feel about it.

It wasn't the infamous sequence from 2018 that caused KD's departure. It's how the Warriors organization dealt with it afterward. So when Draymond asked his former teammate about it on his Bleacher Report show, "Chips," both of them came to the same conclusion.

It wasn't the argument, it was the way that everybody — how Steve Kerr acted like it didn't happen. Bob Myers tried to just discipline you and think that would put the mask over everything.

Kevin Durant, Chips

Everything that makes up Warriors culture on the outside - communication, leadership, holding each other accountable - are all the things that failed Durant. He expected the situation to be dealt with internally, and yet, everything the Warriors did seemed more like a PR move than a true effort to make things right.

Looking back on it, Durant holds the whole organization responsible for how things played out. But for him, it all started with the Warriors locker room and how they failed to overcome adversity. He pointed to the Bulls dynasty as an example.

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I remember watching "The Last Dance" and when Scottie didn't go into the game, the whole team in the locker room said, 'Scottie, that was f***** up that you did that.' We needed that. We just needed to throw all of that s*** out on the table and say, 'Yo Dray, K, that was f***** up that we even had to go through that. Let's just wipe our hands with that and go finish the task.'

Kevin Durant, Chips

The one Warrior who usually holds others accountable is Draymond. But being involved in the incident meant he wasn't the one to fix the situation. Durant expected someone else to step up and fill Green's shoes. But no one did.

Instead, the front office guys decided to take it upon themselves and smooth out the problem. So they sat Draymond down, trying to script his apology to his teammate. But Green knew right away that wasn't the way to get through to KD. So he warned them to stay out of it.

Y'all are about to f*** this up. I said, 'The only person that can make this right is me and K. And there is nothing that y'all can do, and y'all are going to f*** this up.'

Draymond Green, Chips

The organization suspended Draymond for a game, and the Warriors forward laughed in Bob Myers' face when he told him about it. He knew such disciplinary action, although being a good PR move, would come back to bite them. That's why, looking back on it, both KD and Green can agree on one thing.

They f***ed it up.

Draymond Green, Chips

The Warriors forte became their Achilles heel the moment the otherwise utopian environment faced adversity. That's when their culture was put to the test, for the first time since the dynasty was built. And Durant's departure, as well as Draymond's comments, says it failed.

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