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The woman who got hit by Christian Wood's pass is demanding an apology

The woman who got hit by Christian Wood's pass is demanding an apology

The woman who got hit by Christian Wood's pass is demanding an apology

If you are at an NBA game, especially sitting near the court, you have to pay attention to the game. Not only because you have a unique privilege to watch some of the best athletes in the world, but also because the ball could hit you due to being so close to the action. We have seen this happen numerous times during NBA games, and it's often some of the funniest bloopers of the season. Just the other day, Rockets big man Christian Wood did exactly that, but the unlucky fan ended up with some injuries, demanding an apology.

Keep your head up

Hornets fans went home rejoicing the other night after their team got the easy 123-99 win versus the Rockets. Well, all except one fan. Near the end of the first half, a woman named Isabella Fitz would get absolutely decked by the ball after a horrible pass from Christian Wood, who was trying to find his teammate up ahead.

Of course, the incident was accidental, and Wood looked stunned and sorry for the poor fan and his team. After all, the Rockets would give up a last-second shot after that play. The fan looked shaken up but still managed to walk away with the help of the arena staff. It was a funny/unfortunate moment that nobody really wouldn't pay too much attention the day after. 

Wood via Instagram

Wood via Instagram

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Wood took to IG Stories to offer Rockets tickets for the fan, but instead of peacing it out, Isabella Fitz voiced her displeasure with the situation, alluding to how Wood's crying emoji and the reaction from the Hornets announcers seems disrespectful. She is now asking for an apology.

I got hit so hard in the head, I honestly had no idea what happened. When I stood up, I was disoriented, and my ears were ringing...There was definitely a laugh from the announcers and a comment, 'she seems to be OK,' but I took a basketball to the face...By no means was that appropriate.

Isabella Fitz, Inside Edition

Taking it too far

Fitz would end up in the emergency with a concussion and a hairline fracture in her cheekbone, which would make her miss work for three weeks. A really unfortunate turn of events for the young lady, but she is taking it a bit too far. She is trying to take advantage of the situation and present herself as too much of a victim in my eyes. 

You really shouldn't be walking around the court during the game and not pay attention, and then expect everybody to feel sorry for you after you get hit. The fact Wood even offered her tickets, for her only to make a bigger fuss about it than it is, makes no sense. Hopefully, she gets well soon and realizes it's not that big of a deal.

Take those free tickets and go watch a Rockets game. I'm sure she will be paying more attention the next time. After all, it happens to everyone, even the players.

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