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How Warriors made history and joined the NBA's best


The Golden State Warriors are battling through adversity this season. Klay's injury, Kelly Oubre forgetting how to score, Andrew Wiggins figuring out playing consistently on both sides of the court - that was all a lot to overcome for Steve Kerr and his players. Consistency is still their main challenge.

The Warriors recorded six wins and four losses, and in their latest four-game away stretch, they had two victories and two defeats. Their only constant player is Steph Curry, who is playing on an MVP level this season. And Steph probably gave the best comment about this year's Warriors team.

"We're a resilient team, which is why we haven't had a long losing streak. And we have a lot to learn, which is why we haven't had a long winning streak."

Steph Curry, via Connor Letourneau

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After their recent win against the Pacers, the Warriors have won their 1,000th road victory in franchise history, joining the Celtics, Lakers, 76ers, and Knicks as the only franchises with 1,000 road wins. Also, Draymond Green marked his fourth double-double of the season with 12 points and 11 assists to go with nine rebounds. After the double tech and Draymond's mea culpa, Steve Kerr praised Draymond's attitude.

"He made some plays tonight that nobody on Earth can make. Draymond was just tremendous tonight. I maintain that Draymond impacts winning at a level other players can only dream about."

Steve Kerr, via Connor Letourneau

Green is not the only reason why the Warriors are starting to look better. They have lifted their game in both offense and defense. Their growth is more visible on the defensive end, as they have the 4th best defensive rating in the league (108.5) behind LA Lakers (106), Utah Jazz (108.8), and New York Knicks (107.7).

Golden State won't be in the top echelon of West teams, but one thing is for sure - no team wants to see them in the playoffs. 

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