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The Warriors don't have enough scoring to compete with the Celtics

Once the revolutinory offensive NBA lineup, the Warriors looked outmatched in Game 1 against the Celtics

If someone told you the Celtics would walk into a rumbling Warriors building, where the fans are so loud -- they are really a part of the game -- Stephen Curry will break the record for threes made in the opening quarter -- he’s going to be taking some shots that are so open, that if LeBron had those looks, it would be too good to be true -- Jayson Tatum will lose his aggression on offense, it will just fade like pixy dust, and he’s going to stop taking shots, but the Celtics will comfortably win, how many of you would you believe it? 

Pretty absurd, right? So let me offer you a similarly insane take that might even be sacrilegious now but will be thought of as mainstream by the end of this Finals.

The Warriors don’t have enough offense?

The Warriors, with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole, the most electrifying offensive backcourt in the league -- throw in Wiggins and Otto Porter Jr -- the team that reinvented the way offense is played, they don’t have enough scoring to compete with the Celtics.

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That's a problem when you've got two non-scorers in the starting five with Looney and Draymond. And don’t get me wrong, they contribute to the offense immensely. Looney fits the system, a brick wall screen, knows his role. Draymond, we know who he is; a phenomenal playmaker. But that’s two guys who played 60 minutes and didn’t score in the double digits. That’s a problem. 

What happened on the Celtic’s end? They locked up Tatum, so Horford was like, ‘I’m next man up.’ Even Robert Williams - for how limited offensively he is - is more of a threat than looney and Draymond because he’s a fantastic lob catcher.

When Steph Curry is out here doing historical stuff - and they're only up by four points? That’s a problem. Every time they did go up, throwing the dirt on the Celtics, fans going out of their minds, it seemed Jaylen Brown dug them back up. It didn’t even feel like Smart was doing that much, and he had 18 points. Derek White did the Fred Vanvleet -- has a kid and just turns into the best shooter on the team. Dad powers - it is a real thing.

The Warriors are slowly shifting into what they despise -- a solo-centric team. They spent years kicking James Harden’s but and that system. They just beat Dallas. Hell, the Warriors symbolize team unity where everyone touches the ball and keeps moving -- whoever gets the best shot takes it. That’s their identity. 

But what we saw in Game 1 wasn’t that. The Warriors were really challenged, and role players did what role players do -- look for the star. 

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