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The two front runners for meeting in the Finals


There's never been a season with so many teams entering the Playoffs as legitimate Finals contenders. Utah, Phoenix, both LA teams, Dallas, Portland, Denver, Brooklyn, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia all had a case to make. After a few series already locked up, and sadly but more importantly, a round of bad injury luck, the Finals picture has become a lot clearer.

With the unpredictability of the playoffs, there are several teams with a decent chance of going all the way to the Finals. William Hill Illinois promo code will give you a deeper insight into NBA team odds and favorites to go all the way. But, which teams could be among the best chances?

Utah Jazz

The Jazz started their Playoffs with drama. First, Donovan Mitchell was playing, then he wasn't playing, and Memphis won the first game of the series. The best team of the regular season was down a game, and their star player was mad at the organization. Three wins later, the Jazz look firmly in control and should lock up Round 1 tonight.

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If they manage to win against Memphis, Utah is looking at a few extra days of rest. This could prove crucial for their Round 2 matchup against Dallas or the Clippers. In addition, it would give Mitchell more time to rehab his ankle (which still doesn't seem to be 100%) and prepare for their opponent. Teams have done little to no practice this year due to COVID restrictions, so any extra rest and practice time is valuable.

The Jazz are healthy, playing well, and match up well with every team that could come their way.

Brooklyn Nets

"If they are healthy come Playoffs time" was the beginning of every Nets prediction. Well, they are healthy and playing better than in the regular season. The Nets are putting video game numbers on offense and are decent on defense. While Jeff Green's injury is a problem, he wasn't their primary defender on Giannis in the regular season - DeAndre Jordan was. For the Nets, winning against the Bucks is basically locking the Eastern Conference up, and they seem ready to do just that.

If the Nets take care of business against Milwaukee, Philly seems to be the only team on the other side of the bracket that would have a chance. Unfortunately, 76ers fans yet again heard the worst three-word combination in Philadelphia - Embiid + knee + MRI. The only chance the 76ers have against the Nets is with Joel Embiid playing out of his mind. Even if Embiid, hopefully, isn't seriously injured, he probably won't be 100% for a potential matchup with the Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The East is theirs to lose.

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