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The top five Classic Edition jerseys that are expected to be coming back this year

Jerseys back then weren't much appreciated by the fans of the league, but as the years went by, more and more people vouched for some of these "retro" jerseys to make a comeback.
Golden State Warriors forward Chris Mulling and San Antonio Spurs guard/forward George Gervin

Chris Mullin and George Gervin

In this new era of NBA talents, the anticipation of seeing them put on these historic uniforms will no doubt be a delight in the upcoming season. Here are the top five Classic Edition jerseys that are expected to be coming back this year.

Go Spurs Go

This historic black design has been the Spurs' trademark for years in the league. With this jersey coming back, the Spurs are paying homage to their 50 years in San Antonio.

The legend himself, George "The Iceman" Gervin, established his career wearing this classic black-on-black uniform. We can really see how identical this looks to the original 1973 ABA Spurs ones.

With the Spurs on a rebuild and set to put young guys on the floor this upcoming season, imagine the pride and inspiration those guys will have as they don one of the uniforms that started it all in San Antonio.

Return Of The Teal to Detroit

Many Pistons fans have been longing for the return of the teal unis from the Pistons' Grant Hill era. This replica was the road uniform of the Pistons from 1996-2001, and with its return, it also marks the return of another colorful time in Detroit basketball.

Apparently, though, these uniforms will only be worn in ten games for the upcoming season, a bit less than most expect, but a return of these uniforms as the new and exciting young core wear them with pride will definitely mean the world to these fans. 

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"To Pistons fans everywhere - we heard you, and this is for you." Pistons' Chief Business Officer Mike Zavodsky stated in the press release. 

Milwaukee Bucks Back In Purple

These Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, and Glenn Robinson "Light It Up" era jerseys will be making a return in the Bucks uniform rotation for the upcoming season.

Formerly worn during the 90s and early 2000s, the purple jerseys became associated with Allen and company for that 2001 season when they had a 52-30 record, reaching the Conference Finals for the first time since the team's 1986 season with Hall-of-Famer Sidney Moncrief.

Capturing a title recently, MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo will now lead the charge as the Bucks revive their purple roots. 

Retro DC

Hailing from the memories of Michael Jordan and Gilbert Arenas, the blues and the bronze is back for Washington. This will be the first time we will be seeing these uniforms since Washington rebranded in 2011.

Now here's a fun fact from NBC Sports, Wizards rookie Johnny Davis was only NINE years old when the Wizards last played in these jerseys. Crazy how time flies. Now he's here in the bright lights and ready to be part of the next generation of Wizards Basketball.

Not only that, but the Wizards will also be having their throwback court when playing in these uniforms as shown in this tweet.

Will be, without a doubt, a show for the Wizards fans in the upcoming season.

Run TMC Makes A Comeback for the Champs

Warriors basketball just got better for the fans as the Run TMC inspired jerseys will be making an appearance next season for the Warriors. Great to see the champs haven't forgotten the iconic trio that made Golden State fall back in love with basketball.

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