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The sneaky secret about the increase in Logo 3s


Ever noticed team logos getting bigger recently? There is a reason behind it aside from an aesthetic point of view. As with a lot of other things in today's NBA, a logo 3 isn't what it used to be.

Bigger team logos

The team logos take centerstage when the court is empty before and after games and during halftime. Usually, the middle of the court features the logo, team name, or mascot. Traditionally, logo size was limited to the standard circle size, with ample room between the logo and the three-point line.

However, as many noticed, the gap has recently been reduced. Take a look at the Grizzlies 2016 and 2021 court designs.

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The Memphis Grizzlies stand out as one of the more obvious differences in size, but other teams have increased their logos as well - particularly the alternate versions of the court. The bigger logos coincide with the emergence of the so-called “Logo 3s” in today’s games. Was it intentionally done to produce more “Logo 3s” or something else?

Bigger logos make sense from a marketing perspective 

Team logos and court designs evolve through time. Now, there’s the alternate court design featuring the City, Statement, Icon, and Classic/Retro editions. Was there a need to have such diverse court designs? New designs mean additional print and online news coverage. They generate interest and are a part of an attempt to offer more jersey designs - in the end, it rakes in additional income for the team and the NBA. 

As the game undergoes its natural progress and evolution, the logos also need to adapt. From a big man’s game in the past, the game is now controlled by wings and shooters. The emergence of the three-point shot, led by Steph Curry, changed the geometry of the court. Players are not only taking more threes but launching them from distances previously reserved for hail marys.

Nowadays, players such as Dame LillardStephen Curry, and Trae Young pull up from the logo even with considerable time on the shot clock. Bigger logos allow more “Logo 3s,” and in a way, it could be a good marketing strategy. 

A 3-point shot, no matter where on the court, is still worth 3 points. But when presented in a way that a player makes more “Logo 3s” in a game, it changes how fans see and appreciate the game. It also builds up a player’s brand, which can help sell his merch. 

Do teams intentionally make their logos bigger to accommodate more "Logo 3s"? We can’t be sure, but it helps keep the buzz going. As a poet once said - it's all about the benjamins baby.

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