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The Reemergence of the New York Knicks

If a New York Knicks fan would have told another Knicks fan that the 2017 Knicks would be as competitive as they are thus far in the season, there probably would have been an understandable disagreement. They are looking like a team that has something to play for besides a paycheck, however, and it has to make you wonder if they have what it takes to make it to the playoffs by seasons end. It does make you think about what-ifs, mind you, it may only be a what-if.

Let's put everything into perspective here. Do the Knicks actually have what it takes to survive a gruesome 82 game season, barring major injuries? Do the Knicks have what it takes to rise above more talented teams once those teams get their chemistry together and are going the way they are expected? Are the Knicks playing above their talent scale or are they on par for what you'd expect, coupled in with the excitement of a young power-forward that is showing signs of superstardom? They haven't been consistent in terms of the starting 5, although it is still early, that's what the pre-season was for. Who are all the core players for the Knicks, whether it's the starting line-up plus 2, maybe 3 or 4? We don't know yet. Ther are obviously kinks that the coaching staff is trying to iron out.

Statistical output isn't as important yet due to the fact that the team hasn't played enough games yet, to properly dole out offensive responsibilities. As for defensive responsibilities, guard your man, know when to communicate switches, talk on defensive rebounding situations, help defense challenges, and the rotation to the helpers' man. If the Knicks can do these things consistently, they'll have a real chance at improving from last season.

In closing, back to a question earlier. Do the Knicks actually have what it takes to survive a gruesome 82 game season, barring major injuries? To add to that, and also have a winning record while making it to the playoffs? For those that are fans of the New York Knicks, they have to love what they've seen from their team up to this point. One thing is for certain they are going to need the support and cheers of their fans each and every game.

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