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The Red Hot incident -- when Gilbert Arenas forced Andray Blatche into taking a milk bath


Gilbert Arenas described the Wizards' locker room of the 2000s as "a frat house." And just like any frat house, this one hosted a number of pranks and shenanigans, with Gil being the brains behind most of them.

Our locker room was separated. It was the older guys that weren't affected by the silliness and the younger guys that followed the pied piper over here. You had guys like myself, Antwan, Caron, Larry Hughes, Jared Jeffries; we all saw Gil's stuff; we thought it was funny, but it didn't affect us. But Blatche, Nick Young, and all those other guys they kinda liked those games, and Gil players those games better than anybody.

Brendan Haywood, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

One of Gil's most famous (or infamous) locker room pranks, other than the Javaris Crittenton one, remains the doo-doo incident involving Andray Blatche. In case you haven't heard about that one, here's what happened.

But that's not Brandan Haywood's favorite one. And according to him, that's not the worst one. Haywood's personal favorite is the Red Hot incident, which also involved Andray Blatche.

Red Hot was this stuff guys used to put on to stay warm. If you weren't starting, you'd put this on, you'd stay warm the whole time, you wouldn't have to worry about warming up. But this stuff really warmed up on your skin.

Brendan Haywood, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

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At that moment, the prank potential was through the roof. Arenas' creative juices immediately started to flow, and the team's go-to prankster decided to act on it. That brings us to the best part.

Gil and Blatche were in the game and Gil decided it would be a good idea if he snuck into Blatche's locker and put the Red Hot inside of Blatche's tights. So when Blatche put his tights on, that area on his body lit up and he was in the shower screaming. The only way you can really get it off your skin was to bathe in milk. So he was in a shower before the game bathing in milk because Gilbert put the Red Hot in his tights.

Brendan Haywood, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

When Haywood finished telling the story, Arenas started laughing. "I've had some fun," he said, justifying his actions with the Agent Zero classic: "Come on; they're rookies!" The only issue is, the one who had his tights covered in the Red Hot wasn't.

That was like Blatche's third year!

Brendan Haywood, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

Everyone on the stage, including Arenas, busted out laughing. Even he knew there was no way of getting out of that one. That's the best thing he can do moving forward when either he or one of his teammates decides to share a crazy story from the Wizards' frat house of the 2000s. We all know there's a lot more where that came from.

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