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The proof is in the pudding - reports have AD signing with Rich Paul

"The proof is in the pudding" actually comes from "the proof of the pudding is in the eating", meaning you can only know what's the pudding is like if you eat it. If you wanna find out, dig in. Anthony Davis parted ways with his long-time agent Tad Foucher and when a player of that caliber changes agents, a lot can be deduced. It is time to dig in!


AD was drafted to New Orleans as the next big superstar. At 6' 10", 253 lbs he has all the measurements to dominate the game, either at the four or the five. Just entering his prime, he averaged 28.1 ppg, 11.1 rbd, 2.3 ast and 2.6 blk ni 17'/'18. He is a walking double-double machine and a nightmare matchup for any team. His years in New Orleans have been limited mostly due to a weak supporting cast, bizarre signings that burdened their cap situation. Partly caused by AD himself refusing to play the five, which led to the Pelicans signing Omer Asik to a 5 year-$58 million contract in 2015. That same year AD signed an extension which has him under contract with the Pelicans through the 20-21. The last year of the contract is a player option. That means the Pelicans have AD under contract for the next two seasons and as we learn more and more, GMs are becoming more prone to trade a player before he hits his last year in order to maximise returns.

Now we learned he parted ways with his agent and it has been reported he will sign with Rich Paul from Klutch Sports. Sounds familiar? You are correct, AD will be represented by LeBron's agent. Let the predictions begin!


Los Angeles Lakers

As much as LeBron is a freak of nature, no-one can predict how long he will play. When you sign a 33-year-old superstar you want to maximize his time with your team. Lakers have a lot of young talent (Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram, Hart) and have just parted ways with Luol Deng opening up two max-player slots for next summer. It's no news that everyone is assembling their team to compete with the Warriors and Lebron + AD in Los Angeles sounds tantalizing if you are a free agent (Kawhi, KD, Butler, Klay - just to name a few). Klutch players always did well with teams LeBron played with so this increases the chances of AD in LA. If he goes to the management and tells them he wants a trade or he is not sure he would resign with them, the Lakers are in a position to make one of the best packages in the league.

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Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge has the biggest trading chest in the NBA and AD is his white whale. It is no secret Boston is interested in AD and if a trade was to happen they would surely have the best offer for NewOrleans. Alongside all the players on their roster (and at this point, only Jason Tatum is probably truly untouchable) Boston still has all their picks and potentially three other first rounders in 2019 (Clippers, Memphis, Kings/76ers). The only thing Boston would probably want is some kind of assurance from AD he would stay long-term with the team. Whoever they trade, there would surely still be enough left to become the immediate favorite in the East and a contender for the title.


The Truth has spoken:

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