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The only way the Lakers can trade away Russell Westbrook


The Russell Westbrook experiment in Los Angeles has been a disaster so far, and there is not much hope on the horizon that the situation will get any better. The fit is awful, Westbrook is way past his prime, and the fans have turned their back on their point guard. It's obvious that the Lakers need to move him, but that huge contract is making him basically untradeable. No team wants to take such a salary hit for a player of Westbrook's caliber, but a recent report about a possible trade scenario might be the only way LeBron and company ship Russ out of town.

Going back?

Five to ten years ago, Russell Westbrook and John Wall were arguably some of the best point guards in the NBA. How time has changed. These two stars are now the two most overpaid players in the league, with their teams struggling to ship them out. Wall has been sitting out for some time now, waiting for a trade, while Westbrook is running his image into the ground game in and game out. Rumors about these two being swapped have been floating around for some time now, but realistically that move doesn't move the needle and doesn't change much for any team. But with the involvement of a third team, this becomes a reality.

According to Chase Hughes of NBCS, a report from an anonymous personality has presented a three-team trade scenario that fixes the problems for the Rockets and the Lakers:

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What's in it for every team?

Woah, that seems pretty wild and far-fetched, but when you dissect it and look at it for each team individually, it makes a bit more sense. The Lakers would finally move on off from Westbrook, who has proved he really can't efficiently co-exist with LeBron and AD. They get John Wall in return, who is a mystery, but he can't do worse than Westbrook. If he is even half of his past self, Wall will be an upgrade that could contribute for the Purple & Gold.

Then you look at the Rockets. Why in the hell they would take on Westbrook again. Been there, done that. But Westbrook would not stick around. Wall has made it clear he is unwilling to do a buy-out, while a guy like Russ is much more likely to sacrifice some money and get bought out. That way, Houston could finally get all that money off their books and focus on their young guys.

Well, what team would buy out Russell Westbrook right now? The Washington Wizards started off hot, but they are sinking into the ground rapidly. Beal and the wide supporting cast have been underperforming and any change available is imminent. Last year Westbrook led them to the playoffs, with certain role players performing much better than this year. Taking on Westbrook for two more years, getting some buzz, and fighting for the playoffs sounds more lucrative than falling to the bottom of the East with their cast of role players.

Each of the three teams would benefit from this move. You know the Lakers and the Rockets would pull the trigger on that instantly, and the Wizards committing to buying out Westbrook will be the key part of this happening. Although it's a wild rumor, this is the perfect time for it, with the Trade Deadline coming up. Hopefully, we will get some breaking news soon.

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