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The only three players the Knicks want to sign


The Knicks have been one of the worst teams in the NBA in the past few years (many would say longer). Yet, the appearance of Porzingis had given hope that his with his development, the team will finally return to NBA relevancy.

Knicks fans have been trained not to believe it until they have seen it, Mr. Dolan made sure of that. But it is hard to see Porzingis recovering, your team properly tanking in a Zion draft and all the rumors of KD having the Knicks as his priority and not get excited. Then Kyrie imploded the Celtics, and the Knicks had too many options. Porzingis, Zion, Durant, and Kyrie - we are rolling here.

Then it all went away in a few months. Out of nowhere, Porzingis was in Dallas. Without much rumors or murmurs, the Knicks lost their only foundational piece. But, there was hope. He didn't want to stay with the Knicks, and now there are two max slots ready to welcome Durant and Kyrie. We're good.

The lottery came, and the Knicks got the third pick. Zion was going to New Orleans. It's fine, we're fine. Who knows how good he will be, but we know KD and Kyrie are a championship tandem

Then Durant's Achilles tore, and his free agency math completely changed. Without KD, Kyrie started to value the "Brooklyn infrastructure." Ok, we may be in trouble here.

Don't panic; the Knicks still have a lot of cap space in a rich free agency. There's no reason to worry they would overpay non-max caliber players just to make a splash, right? Damn, we should really panic now.

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Calm down, and it seems the front office is changing "the Knicks way." The NY Post reports the Knicks are willing to do the smart, patient thing.

If they get shut out of the aforementioned superstars, president Steve Mills is fine rolling over the cap space to 2020 and signing savvy veterans to one-year deals to teach their youngsters.

The superstars mentioned above are Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving.

KD's injury increased the possibility of him valuing security and taking a five-year contract with the Warriors, with the possibility of him having a deal with to Warriors to trade him once he gets back.

Kawhi is deciding between the Raptors and the Clippers and joining the Knicks seems impossible.

Kyrie? Well, who the hell knows. All reports have him joining the Nets, but this is the most likely of all the scenarios for the Knicks.

Out of all the scenarios, striking out seems most likely, and the fans should be happy it seems the Knicks won't be making a hasty decision.

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