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The New Orleans Pelicans’ best chance to win against the Phoenix Suns could depend on one man not part of their roster

Chris Paul is 0-12 in his last 12 playoff games when Scott Foster is present. Foster is officiating on Game 2. Can CP3 finally end his losing streak?
Chris Paul might have a problem in game 2 against the Pelicans because of the referee that is in charge of the game

Chris Paul hopes to have another dominant game against the Pelicans but this time the NBA referee officiating the game might present a problem

History tells us the New Orleans Pelicans will win tonight because Scott Foster will officiate the game. He holds an infamous record when he is assigned to blow the whistle in past games that featured Chris Paul.

Scott Foster vs Chris Paul

Game officials can affect the game's outcome, especially in tight contests where a missed call could make or break a team. They are humans prone to errors, too, and that is why the NBA is reviewing game tapes to check if the calls made are within the rulebook. And in the event of wrong decisions, the league could fine or suspend them. As referees, they are just tasked to do their job: call violations when they see one. However, in the case of Scott Foster, it seemed he's determined to keep Chris Paul winless in the games he is in.

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Scott Foster will officiate Game 2 of the Suns-Pelicans series, alongside Tony Brothers and Pat Fraher. Since 2013, in the last 12 playoff games that Foster officiated on that Paul played in, CP3 is 0-12. The numbers appear so absurd fans could think it was a personal vendetta on Scott's part. It may be just pure coincidence, but the numbers don't lie. Even Paul acknowledged this strange fact in an interview in May 2021.

The hate seemed mutual

This is welcome news for the Pelicans and a reason for fans to watch the game closely. After Game 2, the losing streak continues for Paul, or it ends. The two are aware of the record, and the resentment against each other seems mutual. In 2020, the Foster reminded CP3 that he was also in another Game 7 in the past wherein the guard lost.

It's a weird thing to say from an NBA referee, but it shows that Foster knows what he is doing. CP3 called out Scott many times in his past interviews and even described him as "rude" and "arrogant."

The Pelicans know that to convince fans they don't need any help from anyone outside the roster, they must win Game 2 in a dominating manner. If it's a close game and New Orleans gets away with a win, it would only add speculations among fans that Foster had worked his magic again.

For CP3, he has to prove he can win a game officiated by Scott Foster. The Phoenix Suns have more than enough talent and determination this time to break the infamous record. Foster, meanwhile, should focus on calling the game as it should be called. Now, we all have to do is watch and wait for the outcome. 

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