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The NBA World reacts to the dramatic All-Star Game and 75 Greatest Ceremony

It was a tremendous and emotional night for NBA basketball
LeBron James and Michael Jordan hugged it out, Stephen Curry took home MVP honors

LeBron James and Michael Jordan hugged it out, Stephen Curry took home MVP honors

Wow! Moments like this are why fans fall in love with the NBA and the game of basketball. After what many would say was an underwhelming Saturday night of festivities, the Sunday repertoire made up for it. The All-Star game went down to the wire and the celebration of the 75 Greatest Players ever brought back many memories and emotions for the past and current players.

Curry wins MVP, LeBron hits the game-winner

The All-Star Game was, in its manner, a fast-paced offensive exhibition full of amazing dunks, alley-oops, flashy passes, and three-point bombs. Ja Morant threw down a couple of nasty ones, LeMelo showed his flare, Giannis played like it was the Finals, Embiid dominated, Curry hit some ridiculous shots, and everyone on the floor showed their immense talent and skills.

But when it came to the last few minutes with both teams close to the target score, things got serious, and we got a pick-up game with 10 All-Stars on the floor. In the end, LeBron would take matters into his own hands in front of his hometown, hitting a tough fadeaway for the 163-160 win to improve to 5-0 as All-Star Capitan.

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Bron ended up with 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists, but Steph stole the show, scoring 50 points and almost breaking the scoring record while hitting 16 three-pointers out of 27 attempts. Curry was splashing it from everywhere and making the arena go into a frenzy. A well-deserving award for Curry, which is surprisingly the first all-Star MVP of his career.

So many legends in one place

Also, in the half-time of the game, we had the ceremony in honor of 75 years of the NBA, getting the 75 best players in history to come together. Unfortunately, there are a lot of big names that couldn't make it or aren't with us anymore, but still, the star power that was in Cleveland didn't leave anyone indifferent.

Jordan showed up last minute and immediately started trash-talking Magic, Shaq and Charles shared some emotional speeches on TNT, the younger generation of players had the chance to see the pioneers of the game and meet their idols, as it was the perfect celebration of NBA basketball.


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