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The NBA world agrees -- Dwight Howard is the biggest snub from the 75th Anniversary Team


The NBA announced its official "75th Anniversary Team," and as expected, many people aren't happy about it.

The list itself was created by a panel of voters of some of the biggest sports names ever — several of which were also included on the list. And although it's a great way to honor the greatest talent the game has ever seen, picking them out without an established, objective criterion seems impossible. That's something Steve Kerr addressed after yesterday's game against the Clippers.

How do you differentiate? Seems like there are 50-60 guys who are automatic, then you’re just — pick one. I think those guys are top 75 based on winning, two-way basketball, everything that matters more than stats.

Steve Kerr, OCRegister

We've already made our list of biggest snubs from the NBA 75 Team. Basketball Newsmade one as well. But no matter who's talking about it, there seems to be a standout -- one guy who deserved to be on the NBA's list the most but isn't -- and that guy is Dwight Howard. Here are a few reactions to his omission:

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F--k yeah I voted for Dwight. Never even occurred to me that he wouldn’t make it, thought that was a lock.

Bill Simmons, Book of Basketball 2.0

Howard himself reacted to being snubbed with a brief but discerning comment. "Disrespecful," he said, expressing his unhappiness with the situation. And he's right to do so.

The 8x All-Star, although being a role player for the last few seasons, had one of the most dominant two-way runs in recent NBA history throughout the 00s. He's made the All-NBA teams eight times, All-Defensive teams five times, and won three Defensive Player of the Year awards over the span. He also led the league in rebounds five times and blocks twice. Add the 2020 NBA championship to that resume; it's clear Dwight deserves to be among the NBA's 75 greatest. And he should replace the Lakers superstar Anthony Davis.

Despite being one of the league's best players, AD's resume is still less impressive than Dwight's. He's an 8x-All-Star, with four All-NBA and four All-NBA defensive selections to his name -- Davis also led the league in blocks three times. But overall, he still hasn't done enough to rank higher all-time than DH12.

The same case can be made for a few more NBA players who were snubbed from the list; guys like Pau Gasol, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Chris Bosh, Tony Parker, etc. But Dwight Howard remains a standout and, without a doubt, the biggest snub of the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team.


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