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The Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and Utah Jazz have discussed a trade centered around Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook

This trade would benefit each of the three teams reported to be involved, and it wouldn't be surprising to see it get completed at some point this offseason.
Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook

Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook

So far, the 2022 NBA offseason has been all about star players who might get traded. There have been many rumors about trades for star players such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Donovan Mitchell. Some of the star players, such as Rudy Gobert or Dejounte Murray, have been traded, but for the most part, it’s been an offseason filled with many rumors and little action.

A blockbuster deal involving Donovan Mitchell could be completed soon

While there’s been little to no movement involving a trade for either Durant or Irving on the Brooklyn Nets, the Utah Jazz appear to be closing in on moving their second-star player this offseason. Mitchell was reportedly close to being traded to the New York Knicks a couple of weeks ago, but those rumors have cooled off.

However, they were re-ignited in a big way earlier today when Michael Scotto of HoopsHype reported that the Jazz had been discussing a potential blockbuster trade with the Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers centered around Mitchell and Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. This was huge news on a trade front that had largely stalled over the past few months and could indicate that a trade sending Mitchell out of Utah is nearing completion.

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This potential Donovan Mitchell trade could have huge repercussions around the NBA

Utah has embraced a complete rebuild this offseason after they netted an absurd haul for Gobert from the Minnesota Timberwolves in July. Mitchell has been the next name the Jazz are looking to move, and they have found a willing trade partner in the Knicks who want to bring Mitchell to New York badly.

The parameters of this proposed trade would do just that. Mitchell would land in New York, Patrick Beverley would shore up the Lakers bench, and Westbrook and a haul of draft picks would be heading back to Utah.

This could be an incredibly impactful deal not just because of Mitchell but because of Westbrook. The Lakers have been looking for ways to get out of Westbrook’s massive contract all offseason long after he failed to lead Los Angeles to many wins last season. Utah could be the perfect landing spot because they aren’t looking to win anytime soon, and assuming they move Mitchell, they would have the cap space to take on Westbrook’s deal.

This is also interesting because it shows that the Lakers may be giving up on their pursuit of Irving this offseason. L.A. was the only team showing interest in Irving, and Westbrook was involved at the center of any proposed trade for Irving. Considering how Westbrook, and maybe a couple of draft picks, would be involved in this deal here, the Lakers may be postponing their pursuit of Irving until next offseason.

While nothing is official yet, this has the potential to be a massive trade if it were to go through. Each team involved would benefit from this deal, which is why it seems as if it could be likely to happen over the next week or so. But this offseason hasn’t been full of big moves coming to fruition, so we will see if this proposed Mitchell trade ends up going through or if it is merely a rumor that sizzles out like the rest of them.


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