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THE LEBRON-CHALMERS ALTERCATION ”You're a star player of the team, stop acting like a bit** and play "


Remember the timeout squabble between LeBron and Mario Chalmers on the Heat bench? There's a story behind it, and Chalmers himself has shed light on it. It turns out it's another B-word related incident.

The infamous outburst happened on December 18th, 2013, during the Heat's second season matchup against the Pacers. Now, this wasn't just another regular-season game for Miami. Ever since LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach, the Pacers have become their East Coast rivals. For two straight years, they faced each other in the playoffs, with Miami coming out on top in both of those series. But it was far from a cakewalk, as the Pacers took the Big Three to seven games in the 12-13 ECF.

So no, this wasn't your typical Wednesday night game in December. Both teams were all-in in their mission to leave the American Airlines Arena victorious. Well, with 7:52 left in the 3rd, the Pacers were in a much better position to do so. Following Paul George's two three-pointers in the span of 90 seconds, Indiana was up 63-49 and Miami's Erik Spoelstra was forced to call a timeout. That's where it all went down.

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Coming off the floor, James was fuming, and Mario Chalmers was the reason for it. Rio messed up his defensive assignments on both of PG's threes, and James was giving him an earful for it. It was a usual sight at the Heat bench. Chalmers has always been their little brother that they yelled at. But this time, he has had enough and decided to talk back to the King.

I felt like he was complaining too much about what was going on, I'm like 'you're a star player of the team, stop acting like a bitch and let's just play basketball.' Anybody that knows Bron, that word bitch he doesn't like it and that will get him going no matter where he at, any time of the day. If you want to get in Bron's head, just say the word bitch, and that's what will happen.

Mario Chalmers, Five Reasons Sports

Fast forward to game 4 of the '16 NBA Finals, when Draymond Green called LeBron a B-word, causing another outburst by the King. At this point, there's enough evidence for it - B-word really is LeBron's kryptonite. It may be the only way to disrupt the guy. Then again, after his altercation with Green, LBJ responded with one of the greatest three-game stretches in the Finals' history. So now that I think about it, don't do it guys. Try stopping him the regular basketball way. It's your best shot.

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