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The future is here: Toyota showcased a robot with a higher shooting percentage then StephCurry from the 3-point range

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The technology is moving really fast and we've seen robots replacing workers in some industries and this trend will probably continue and increase in the upcoming years. Even though there is probably no way that robots will ever replace real basketball players, Toyota has presented its own robot specialized in shooting the ball.

The robot's name is Cue 3 and it's 6 foot 10 inch tall and its main function is to shoot the basketball. The robot has built-in sensors which help him calculate the distance and the angle of the basket. Cue 3 uses his motorized arms and knees to perform set shots.

One of the big downsizes of Cue 3 is his inability to run, jump, dribble and pretty much perform any other additional basketball fundamental, however, it's important to stress out it shoots the basketball extremely well.

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In a recent demonstration in front of The Associated Press, Cue 3 had a mini shooting competition in order to show off his shooting skills and made five out of eight 3-point attempts. This is a decent shooting percentage, however, Toyota developers said this is below his usual shooting percentage.

To show his superiority in shooting in comparison to some of the best players in NBA, Cue 3's shooting percentage from behind the three-point line was 62.5% while the NBA's single-season record is 53.6 % achieved by Kyle Korver. To give more context here, Stephen Curry who is regarded by many as the best shooter of all-time has a 43.6% career average on 3- point shots.

Even though Cue 3 demonstrated his precision in shooting the basketball, the actual goal was to test the accuracy of its sensors and the ability to process the data it receives. It's interesting to mention that Toyota engineers said ti would take around 20 years for robots to have the ability for other basketball fundamentals like running, dribbling, changing speed, and maybe even dunking further down the road.

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