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The fall of Ty Lawson: Former NBA player arrested in Spain


NBA Fans are shocked after hearing that former Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson has been arrested in Spain after attacking people in a restaurant. This was after he caused a separate commotion in the airport.

Several incidents involving Lawson

Lawson tried his best to become public enemy number one in Spain after getting involved in several commotions:

  1. He threw a glass at a 13-year-old in an Italian restaurant, resulting in the victim needing stitches.
  2. He was also involved in an altercation in Ibiza street.
  3. Ty threatened to punch a staff member after being told to wear a mask while onboarding his flight at Barajas Airport in Madrid.

It wasn't known what triggered the hostile behavior from Lawson, but it wasn't the first time he got in trouble with authorities. In China, he was banned for life for posting inappropriate stories on his Instagram, an act which brought "serious adverse social impacts to the club and the league," according to Chinese club Fujian Sturgeons. 

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The 9-year veteran offered his side of the story and claimed he wasn't being racist at all. 

"I'm probably the least racist guy you've ever met in your life like I have fun with anybody. 'Cakes' means that she had a nice body. That's it, you're taking it too far. I meant no disrespect, and all the racism and disrespect coming towards me is wild. Anybody who knows me in China knows I'm not that person at all."Lawson said.

Meanwhile, the Clinton, Maryland native also made some questionable moves that affected his career in the NBA. Lawson violated his probation for a DUI incident in 2015. Ty also allegedly skipped practices which effectively ended his chances of making a comeback in the league. 

Lawson's fall from grace

Lawson was a borderline All-Star at his peak. He averaged 17.6 points and 8.8 assists for the Denver Nuggets in the 2013-14 season. Proof he was once considered elite? Ty hit 10-straight 3-pointers in 2011. 

It's clear Ty needs some help. Much of what he's suffering now is also his own doing, so there's really no one to blame but himself. But now, more than anything, he needs the support of his family and friends. This is where the blaming stops and acceptance starts to that healing could also begin. Ty Lawson may never be able to come back playing professional basketball, but it's not too late for him to restart his life outside the court. 


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