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“The energy is about to shift” — Jaylen Brown’s quote was the Boston Celtics’ battle cry for Game 7

Jaylen Brown tweeted "The energy is about to shift” in January and it kickstarted the turnaround for the Boston Celtics.
Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown and forward Jayson Tatum

Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum

When the Boston Celtics faced the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, there were doubts about whether the team could dethrone the defending champs. Fortunately, the fans got inspired by a quote made by Jaylen Brown about turning things around, and it may have inadvertently inspired the Celtics to win the do-or-die game.

“The energy is about to shift”

Fans who watched the Celtics play during the first part of the season and not after the All-Star break would bet their lives that Boston wouldn’t make the postseason. The team played poorly and had a 26-25 record by the end of January. Jaylen Brown then made a simple tweet on the last day of January in what could be his means to try to bounce back and rally his team to do better.

After he tweeted this, Boston came back to life. The team went on a winning spree, recording a 25-6 win-loss card and with a winning average of 18.1 points. Celtics didn’t only beat teams; they annihilated them.

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On the brink of being eliminated and their efforts turned to waste, a brilliant person from the front office or arena management decided to use “The energy is about to shift” as a battle cry. Before Game 7, seats from the TD Garden were adorned with Energy Shifting towels inspired by Brown’s tweet that started the turnaround from the team, and it worked. 

Boston will face Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference finals, but unknown to fans, Brown posted the phrase on Twitter with something else in mind.

Jaylen Brown clarifying the matter

While his Boston teammates credited him for exemplifying being a leader on and off the floor by keeping everyone locked in and focused, Brown’s Twitter post was about other things.

Brown insisted it was about retrograde planets that affected their first half of the season. He was implying that the poor start of the season was something beyond their control, and the C's should stay the course. (By the way, planets don't actually spin in the opposite direction; it's only an optical illusion. Let's hope Brown doesn't turn out to be Kyrie's disciple when it comes to astronomy.)

Whatever Jaylen’s reason was for tweeting that, fans and the front office should thank him for it. It became an integral part of their narrative in the second half of the season. It became a battle cry for the pivotal Game 7. After dethroning the champions, the Boston Celtics certainly now have the energy and confidence to go all the way and win it all. 

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