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“The conversations people are starting to have in the league is 'will they move Embiid?'”


Sam Hinkie may be long gone, but the Sixers organization is still trusting the process. They are trying to build a winner around two of the best players losing for so many years brought them - Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. One can't shoot, the other one is a constant health and fitness risk; they may not be perfect as players, but they are definitely a bad fit. How bad? Check out the spacing.

Several things are raising the alarm about the Sixers. They've been dealing with the same issue for the third season in a row now, and not a lot has changed. There's nothing that would indicate the Sixers have a plan to address their fundamental spacing issues. Brett Brown publicly admitted he isn't getting through to his star players. (not sure you want to be doing that as a coach) To top it all off, they have the same road record as the New York Knicks; 9 - 19.

That's why all scenarios are on the table, including trading one of their superstars this summer. Six months ago, there was a consensus that would be Ben Simmons. That is no longer the obvious choice. Although Simmons is still refusing to take any shots outside of the paint, the Sixers looked and playing exceptionally well when he was running the show. That, combined with Embiid's injury history, got front offices around the league talking.

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One of the conversations people are starting to have in the league is 'will they move Embiid? What's the price? Where would he go?'

Brian Windhorst, via The Hoop Collective

Front offices are paid to consider every scenario, but it's not like they're actively developing LeBron trade situations - we know that's not happening. The fact that teams are seriously preparing for the possibility of Embiid being shopped around tells us they've heard enough chatter around Philly to do so.

“I'm not going to get into that, but my point is people are talking about that. I don't think they would do that without making an adjustment to the head coach. It's such a radical thing, but the fact that we're in mid-February and the people who work in the league, who have to prepare in advance, are mulling over Joel Embiid potentially coming to market, whether that's true or not... I mean, Josh Harris can come on this podcast and deny it if he wants, but the fact people are talking about it, is not good. It's a symptom of where they are.”

Brian Windhorst, via The Hoop Collective

The fact the Sixers got to this point tells us they are already late with making a change. That move can be a coaching change, front-office change, or a personnel change. Unless they make the Finals, we may see even more than one of those.

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